South Indian as well as Bollywood superstar R Madhavan is back on screen with a new movie Rocketry: The Nambi Effect!

The superstar was in the spotlight last year and it was a very proud moment for him. R Madhavan’s son Vedaant Madhavan won a gold medal at the Danish Open last year. This year he is back with a new movie based on the life of an Indian aerospace engineer.

What is the Rocketry: The Nambi Effect about?

The following movie as said is about an Indian aerospace engineer who was arrested in the ISRO espionage case but later released. The movie talks about the journey of scientist Nambi Narayan throughout his college life.

The movie stars R Madhavan as Nambi Narayan, Simran as Meena Narayan, Amaan as A. P. J. Abdul Kalam and Shah Rukh Khan as himself.

The movie starts off with Shah Rukh Khan as the movie star who is in an interview. And we see Nambi walk in, quite famous as the intelligent scientist in ISRO. The interview then takes the form of movie as Nambi Narayan’s life (R Madhavan). The movie was released on 1st of July on Voot App for users to watch it.


What is the espionage case of ISRO?

In 1990 Indian Investigation agencies made an allegation against certain employees of ISRO. Although these allegations are now disproven, the toll that it took mentally on the minds of capable scientist was tremendous.

The Kerala police and the agencies arrayed these employees in the offence of selling confidential documents. Later on it was told that the documents contained rocket engine designs of ISRO.

One of the employees from the lot was Mr Nambi Narayan, Indian aerospace engineer of ISRO. He was soon tagged as an enemy of the country. However all he did his whole life was serve the country.

The movie beautifully explains the pain, the suffering, the tragedy that happened and how a brilliant scientist that we had, had to go through all the heinous charges.

R Madhavan on his new movie

R Madhavan was quite excited to be a part of this movie. Moreover, playing the role of Mr Nambi itself was a huge honour. In a video posted by R Madhavan we see the superstar express his views about the movie.

Nambi Narayan and R Madhavan
Rajnikanth and Nambi Narayan

We see Madhavan taking blessings from superstar Rajinikanth and Nambi Narayan himself. He posted the video on his Instagram page and captioned,

“When you get the blessings from a one-man industry and the Legend himself in the presence of Nambi Narayanan, it’s a moment etched for eternity. Thank you for your kindest words on ‘Rocketry’ and the affection, Rajinikanth sir. This motivation has completely rejuvenated us. We love you.”

The movie is available to watch on the Voot Select App.

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