If action movies are your thing the Renegades is a movie that you must watch!

The kick that you get after watching is a action thriller movie is incomparable. If you are a lover of action movies, there is a good news for you. Renegades, one of the anticipated action films is finally releasing soon!

Renegades is a forthcoming crime action thriller film. Its cast is composed of some of the best actors in the action thriller genre and we cannot wait enough to watch them!

Daniel Zirilli is the director of the action movie. Tom Jolliffe and Jonathan Sothcott are the screenplay writers of the upcoming crime thriller movie.

The Wild Geese and Harry Brown were cited as influences by the film’s creators.

Nick Moran, Lee Majors, Ian Ogilvy, Louis Mandylor, Michael Pare, Danny Trejo, Patsy Kensit, and Billy Murray are among the actors who appear in Renegades. The action film is being produces under Shogun Films.

Renegades- An upcoming action movie you must watch if you love crime thrillers

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What is the plot of the film?

Do love those movies that involves taking revenge? Or are you a hardcore fans of crime movies that deals with underworld gangs? If yes, Renegades is a movie you should definitely watch!
The plot of Renegades basically follows a revenge story. In this crime thriller film, Veteran Green Beret Carver is murdered brutally by a drug syndicate.
Goram is the leader of the drug gang who has been threatening Carver’s daughter. It is at such times that Carver’s daughter seeks the help of her father’s old comrades from the Special Forces.
On hearing of Carver’s murder, all his past friends gather together with the aim of seeking revenge for his death. However, their enemies are not easy ones. So, the old comrades go through all the thick and thins and give their all to fight against the sinister drug gang.

The plot of the upcoming action film directed by Ziriler may sound not to different from other action movies. However, if you skip the movie assuming this than you will be at a loss.The direction, casting and the storyline all make the upcoming movie a must watch for action lovers! And this is the reason why the action movie is also having a special on demand release in theatres this December.

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Who is in the Cast of the thriller action movie Renegades?

The cast of the upcoming British action thriller movie, Renegades is packed with some very talented actors.

The Cast of Renegades- Nick Moran, Lee Majors, Ian Ogilvy, Michael Pare and Louis Mandylor.

Nick Moran is playing the role of Burton
The actor Lee Majors is portraying Carver.
Ian Ogilvy is playing the role of Peck.

Louis Mandylor is playing the role of Goram in Renegades.
Michael Pare is playing the role of Donovan.
Danny Trejo is portraying the character of Sanchez.
Patsy Kensit is playing the role of Judy Carver.
Billy Murray is portraying the character of Woody in the upcoming action movie.

Other cast members of the upcoming action movie includes Paul Barber, Stephanie Beacham, Michael Brandon, among many others.

Is there a trailer for Renegades?

In the trailer for Renegades , we first encounter Carver as he faces the individuals who are posing a threat to his daughter. Despite his threats, the thugs kill him in cold blood.

But while doing so, they set off a series of unforeseeable events. Judy gathers the assistance of her father’s old friends and colleagues, who take on the task of exacting vengeance for Carver’s death and promise to destroy the crime syndicate in the process.

You can watch the trailer of the action movie here.

When is the release date of the action thriller movie?

Renegades is a film that action lovers have been anticipating for quite some time. It has a cast that is studded with the top action stars. It also has a thrilling storyline that will keep you hooked up till the movie ends. And most importantly, it is made under the direction of veteran director, Daniel Zirili. So, there is no way things could go down hill with this upcoming action movie.

The shooting of the action film, Renegades was done in London. Its shooting finished in October 2021 and the movie release date has been revealed. This awaited action movie is set to release in the theatres on 23 January, 2023.

However, the movie has already created so much hype among action thriller lovers, that we are getting a special on demand release of the film soon!

The action film, Renegades is coming to the theatres on special demand release. We can watch the movie om December 2. This release will be followed by another special release on December 6.

If you are an action movie lover, you would not want to miss watching the crime thriller movie on these release dates. However, since the movie is being released as a special or limited edition, it will be available in only some selected theatres.
Renegades is set to fully release in the first month of the coming year. And we are already expecting it to be one of the top action thriller movies of the year.

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Last Update: November 29, 2022