EntertainmentResident Evil comes to Netflix

Resident Evil comes to Netflix


Resident Evil comes to Netflix in a very different form this summer. Set both in the current day, in New Raccoon City in South Africa, and in the year 2036, Resident Evil centers on Jade Wesker. The franchise has risen from the grave in the first trailer for the upcoming Netflix horror series.

The plot for the new series has been kept under wraps, but As seen in Netflix’s first teaser trailer for the television series, Resident Evil will deliver on the zombie-infested horror of the games, with no shortage of bloody violence, the looming threat of Umbrella, and brief hints of the Resident Evil’s quirkier side.

The Netflix series is led by Andrew Dabb, who is best known for his work on the popular CW series “Supernatural.” The “Resident Evil” video game series, follows a rotating cast of heroes as they investigate the misdeeds of the Umbrella Corporation.

Resident Evil Netflix
Resident Evil Netflix

New Take on Resident Evil

That new take didn’t mean sacrificing Resident Evil canon, though. Raccoon City was still nuked in 1998 and Albert Wesker still fell into a volcano that was then RPGed.

This will be a brand new story, but there will still be lots of goodies for longtime fans of the franchise.

There will be CGI in the series (there’s CGI in everything). But they tried to save it for when they really needed it. You’ll meet more than a few creatures created with motion capture. One look at the boils and lesions on the zombies makes it clear that their makeup team put in the work.

All eight episodes of “Resident Evil” will premiere on July 14 on Netflix. The eight-episode series will follow Jade and Billie Wesker, the daughters of Albert Wesker. This role is played by Ella Balinska and Adeline Rudolph, respectively. 

Netflix initially indicated the series is set in two timelines, and we now know when and where those timelines will occur. Per the trailer, the first timeline occurs in New Raccoon City, “a city where nothing wrong ever happens,” in 2022. If you’ve played the games, especially the first three that are set in the original Raccoon City,

the second timeline picks up in an utterly destroyed and chaotic version of London 14 years later. The London setting isn’t the first time the Resident Evil franchise. It has crossed over into a real-world setting as previous Resident Evil movies have taken place in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and other well-known cities. 

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