Benjamin Franklin famously said that guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days. What do you think when a newly married couple gets #Sandwichedforever between their in-laws? Sony LIV dropped a new sitcom Sandwiched Forever is the rom-com show of a newly married couple who got stuck between their in-laws who live next door. Catch the latest family drama and celebrate Christmas by binge-watch Sandwiched Forever premiered on SonyLiv on December 25. Atul Kulkarni and Zakir Hussain are in the lead role of Rohan Sippy-directed sitcom.

Sandwiched Forever consists of 15 episodes of drama with cringe comedy oscillates between family interference, modern life, and sexual puns. People who’ve liked watching sitcoms like Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai, Dekh Bhai Dekh will enjoy this show too, as the show takes you on the rollercoaster ride of fun and laugh-out-loud moments.

What is the plot of the series?

The story revolves around the two newly married couples Naina and Sameer who live with each other happily. Sameer, the freelancer game developer working at home, absent-minded and sluggish to do their work. While on the other hand, Naina is a national level badminton player, being active and fiery.

The interesting example of two opposite worlds attracts. Naina and Sameer are love in with each other, get married, and moved to their new apartment in Mumbai. Their life spins out when their in-laws come unannounced and live next to their apartment. On one side Shastris – Sameer parents who shifted from Kanpur to Mumbai while on the other hand Sarnaiks – Naina’s parents.

They both decide to live on the same floor with their children as a happy family. But their privacy goes for a toss as they sandwiched between their-laws who become their neighbor. From spying in their personal lives to stalking their furniture end up killing their privacy.

Sandwiched Forever is the perfect rom-com entertainment sitcom to binge this Christmas with the hilarious laugh-out moments with cringe comedy.

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What are the characters of the series?

Director Rohan Sippy came out with an interesting plot and performance of the brilliant cast. Aahana Kumra and Kunaal Roy Kapur portray as newlyweds couple Naina and Sameer looks pleasant and stands out with their performance with perfect comic timing. Their married life caught between parents and in-laws who constantly provoking in their personal lives. Kunaal Roy Kapur loves majorly known for acting in films such as Delhi Belly, Nautanki Saala, etc. Aahana Kumra known for her roles as Khuda Hafiz, The Accidental Prime Minister, etc.

Zakir Hussain and Divya Seth play as Sameer’s parents while Atul Kulkarni Anand Lubna Salim plays as Naina’s parents. They constantly poking and create nuisance in their privacy made the show exciting to watch.

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Where to watch the Sandwiched Forever series?

Directed by Rohan Sippy, this eight-part series streaming now on Sony LIV. To watch all 15 episodes of the series on SonyLiv, you need to get your subscription plans from Rs 299, Rs 699, and Rs 999. Join and binge-watch Sandwiched Forever streaming now.

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Last Update: December 26, 2020