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How to Watch “Savage Beauty” outside US without a VPN? FREE Streaming in Full HD

Savage Beauty

Savage Beauty is about the testing of a toxic product by a cosmetics company. It tests homeless children, and how one of the survivors seeks revenge on the couple behind the cosmetics company. A few years later. This show is produced in South Africa and There are six episodes. 

Fifteen years ago, Don and Grace Bhengu tested a toxic product on a group of children living on the streets. Now one of the two survivors, Zinhle Manzini, returns to seek revenge.

Zinhle becomes the invisible force that exposes family secrets, leading the Bhengus down a path of destruction. But innocent people get hurt along the way, while Zinhle’s own darkness threatens to consume her.

Zinhle has to decide whether she wants justice or pure, cold revenge.

Seeking revenge for her tragic past. A mysterious woman embeds herself in a powerful family who possesses a global beauty empire and dark secrets.

It is not a stretch to think that Don and Grace, seem to be more heartless. Definitely not more than her husband. He went to the lower-class neighborhoods in Soweto to test early versions of their beauty products on people there. As a result of horrific results. Also, If you watched the docuseries Not So Pretty, then you know that some of what goes into personal care products shouldn’t be on people’s skin. So, imagine if early versions of Bhengu Beauty’s products were so toxic that they burned people’s skin and internal organs?

Where to watch The Savage Beauty? FREE in Ful HD?

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