There is no doubt that over the past years the number of influencers over the social media have increased.

These influencers differ in categories; some are comedian, others talk about fashion and even some of them has the talent to sing or cook.

but can we really set one of these influencers as a role model to follow ?!

It’s rare these days to find a social media influencer to set as a role model, but today after a lot of research we found a lady that deserve to be called “Role model”.

Today our influencer is from ِAfrica, exactly she is from Egypt.

She is a woman who went through a lot of struggles in her life to get to where she is right now.

For this article I’m going to tell you about “Shwikar Al-Adl” The Mayor.

Shwikar Al-Adl

Digging up the past behind this lady made us impressed from her dedication and super human powers.

“Shwikar” was just like any normal woman; working and taking care of her house until a certain event is her life that she called a surprise.

one day she found a kind of weird mass in her breast and went to examine it.

This is when she knew that she has Breast Cancer !

“It was a huge shock to me and my family, still i kept thanking god as i know that he chose me to test my faith” said Shwikar, ” My husband was my great support, he was talking about my disease as if it is just a Cold” she added.

A lot of cancer patients thinks that it’s the end and there is no need to fight or do anything but that wasn’t the case for this super lady.

This woman went through chemotherapy and Mastectomy but still she didn’t give up and kept on working.

One day she was just surfing the Facebook and something caught her attention.

There is a lot of people trying to market their handmade work over the Facebook and things seem to be hard to them.

Shewikar thought about gathering these people in one place in real life !

This way sellers will have the chance to sell more and people who are afraid to buy online will have also a chance to check the quality of products.

The funny thing about it is that the cost of one table was 95 L.E but she gave it to the sellers by 40 !

Her first ever organised open day was a success and that made her keep going even thou she is having hard-ships because of cancer.

Shewikar was taking her chemotherapy and still have the power to work and plan for what she can do next.

Later on she made a Facebook group with thousands of women to help them in different aspects and now this group has more than 225 thousand member.

She became popular to many people and they even gave her a nickname or a title that really suits her dedication and power.

She is known by Shiwkar The Mayor.

Now matter what she kept on going forward, she didn’t give up.


In the end we saw the results of her strong spirit and her one hell of a hard work.

People trust and respect her more than ever and they call her “The Mayor”.

She organizes a lot of open days for people and sellers and there is a lot of visitors.

Her fame between people made her appear in a lot of t.v shows and now she is hosting her own T.V program.

She turned from being a music teacher into a social media influencer and a T.V presenter.

Eventually she turned into a beautiful butterfly that everyone loves to look and follow it.

Women all over the world should feel proud of the superhero and fighter Shiwkar Al-Adl and her success.

Shiwkar Al-Adl, Hard2know team is very proud of you and your achievements. You set a great role model for a lot of people by staying strong and not giving up. Thank you.

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Last Update: March 11, 2024