History always teaches us various lessons of life. It reminds us of sacrifices of people who do several small things to save their community, country, and other things.

BBC and Amazon Prime video new series is the best example of it. Its new Anthology film series “Small Axe” brings various untold stories to the screen.

Series director Steve McQueen presented collection of five original movies set from late 1960s to mid-1980s from London’s West Indian community. He follows a reference proverb commemorated in a song by Bob Marley “If you are big, we are the small axe” throughout the series.

McQueen, Oscar award-winning director known for popular movies like 12 Years a Slave, Widows, Hunger, Shame unfolds the hopes, pain, lives, joys, and resilience of the West Indian community through the five important stories. He believes that these stories are the United Kingdom stories or British stories that everyone should know.

McQueen’s past work is commendable and if you are eager to know what McQueen brings for its fans this time, start streaming the series.

What is the plot of the Small Axe series?

As mentioned above, Small Axe is a collection of five movies inspired by real-life events of ordinary people. It presented stories of the courage and belief of the people who fight against injustice. Achieve something transformative in their West Indian community.

Five parts of the series are Mangrove, Lovers Rock, Red White, and Blue, Alex Wheatle, and Education. Each part brings something new and different for the audience every week.

The first part “Mangrove” release on November 20, 2020, tells story of newly established restaurant of Frank Crichlow named Mangrove. Police accused it of being a drug and prostitution place and harass the people.

People due to continuous harassment lead protests March and rallies against police where nine people arrested for planning to start riot. They presented in a show trial at the Old Bailey in 1971, making legal history.

Based on a true case “Mangrove Nine”, the first episode of series is correct combination of the culture and characters. It is a perfect start of McQueen’s film collection that follows various powerful upcoming series.  

Who will the cast of the miniseries?

Creator Steve Mc Queen ensembles the cast of different-different people in every film. The first movie released on Friday includes various superb stars.

Letitia Wright as Altheia Jones-LeCointe, a Trinidadian physician and research scientist known for her role as leader of Black Panther Movement in 1960s and 1970s. She played important role in Black Panther and various British series such as Top Boy, The Doctor Who, and Humans.

Malachi Kirby as Darcus Howe, a British broadcaster, writer, and racial justice campaigner who join the British panther’s groups. He known for his roles in Roots and Black Mirror.

Shaun Parkes, an English actor played the role of Frank Crichlow in the first episode of the series. British community activist and civil rights campaigner, known as the godfather of Black radicalism.

Rochendra Sandall as Barbara Beese, Richie Campbell as Rothwell Kentish, Darren Braithwaite as Anthony Carlisle Innis, Alex Jennings as Judge Edward Clarke, Jack Lowden as Ian Macdonald, also plays important role in the British Anthology film series.

The other part of the series also contains an excellent star cast Michael Ward as Franklyn, John Boyega as Leroy Logan, Sheyi Cole as Alex Wheatle, Kenyah Sandy as Kingsley Smith, and various others. All characters disclosed as the episodes release every week on your favorite streaming channel.

Where to watch and download the Small Axe series? 

Five episodes of the “Small Axe” series will be released in the UK on BBC One on November 15, 2020, and in the United States on Amazon Prime Video on November 20, 2020. The remaining episodes will come weekly every Friday.

Amazon Prime costs $12.99 per month or $119 per year. You can subscribe to Prime Video alone for $8.99 per month. 

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