Video games are the best source of entertainment and playing games on the weekend with friends and family members just gives a feeling of luxury.

We all purchase video games for fun and enjoyment. But what if they do not give the desired output which we want? Due to some error or bugs.

All the happiness and excitement converted into anger and shock. Therefore, if you are also a video game lover and want to enjoy games without any disturbance, then check the common errors or bugs that you encounter during the game.

What are video game bugs?

Video game bugs in simple words are the disturbances or problems that we face while playing the games.

These bugs are caused by any issue whether due to a problem in programming, some coding or logical errors, graphic issues, text disturbances, improper memory management, inadequate testing, and others.

So, to understand that in detail, check the blog mentioned below.

Gameplay Defect bugs

In some games we have observed that the player in the game wants to perform some actions such as jumping, walking, or using weapons.

However, due to a Gameplay Defect bug, the player is unable the actions. For example, in Sea of Thieves games, the gamers who are playing the game are unable to access the inventory things except a few cannonballs and bananas.

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Crashing issue or hanging bug

Sometimes while playing the game our video games get crashed and we are unable to restart the game.

This arises due to different actions applied by the gamer which are not coded in the video game program or predicted by the game developer.

It is a very common bug that we mostly face in all video games available around the world on different-different platforms.

For example, in one of the famous video games named Call of the Duty Black Ops 4, the PC version crashes when a gamer chooses a secondary weapon such as a rocket launcher and others.

Sound bugs

We all enjoy video games with music and sounds but if the sound is not synchronous with the game, the music is played irregularly, the sound gets too high or too low, wrong the sound effects, then we get irritated.

These sound Bugs or sound or music difference errors arise due to incorrectly named sound files. If the game you are playing is searching for music files but it does not get them problems start arising.

For example: Shadow of the Tomb Raider game is having this sound bug. In this game, sound fades in fades out, or outright disappears.

Navigation menu bugs

Many times, we want to go somewhere in the game and we use the navigation menu.

But due to improper programming, we do not land at the place where we want or sometimes menu becomes inaccessible and we get stuck in the menu and unable to quit.

These situations or navigation menu bugs arise due to some problems of logic in the navigation programming.

Graphic Bugs

Graphic bugs in simple words can be understood as bugs that arise due to the wrong display of an image, inside the game.

The image may be an object, a character, or a user interface. It mainly affects the environment of the game.

However, these bugs do not physical or solid existence but they also affect the game in one way or another.

Text bugs

Video games look interesting and easy to play but their programming is complex and difficult.

Therefore, sometimes small mistakes like missing text, mistyping some words, in alignment, and displaying code instead of text create problems.

Although these are not very big issues in narrative games, they create problems for the player to understand the storyline of the game.

It is an era of video games and every year various video games released for the user’s entertainment. Therefore, there is a possibility that out of a hundred video games, one game contains some issues.

But don’t let these issues overpower your game and enjoy the game with full fun and enjoyment.

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