Once, we all reach a stage in life where we think we lose everything in life, nothing remains with us, nothing remains in our life. The reason behind that feeling is so many like failures in the exam, divorce, failure in business, job stress, studies pressure, losing someone special in life and many more. But everyone has that phase in their life.  

Like forest fire is good for our environment and ecosystem as it burns out dead and unhealthy woods. The same is with our life. Sometimes big problems teach us so good lessons in life, losing everything helps us to gain good things. It provides us the power to clear the parts of life that make us weak, unhealthy. It gives us more chances to enjoy.

A man, who has a successful marriage life, career life, and everything, lost everything, shared a story on twitter. His story teaches; if you have everything in life, then don’t think it remains with you for long. If you don’t care about it, or if some difference happened than that might slip out from your hands leaving your hands empty and soul paining.

In this story, he tells how from a good and happy person, he becomes a loser, who loss everything in life even his house too and how a small incident in his life takes him out from the well of sorrow and gives him a new life.

People expression after reading his story


Keynajo Nov 26, 2019 7:40am

Wow…what amazes me the most in reading your articles as well as the responses is seeing that So many of us are living the same life experiences. I too lost everything and started over at the age of 50. I will admit it took me a while to move from victim to victor. I do my best every day to allow the blessings that keep coming to teach me…I am now grateful for it all. It was HELL…but it brought me to a better place. Just because it wasn’t my plan doesn’t mean it’s bad.

 Thanks for all you’re writing and sharing.

Justice Bartlett Nov 25, 2019 12:08pm

“When I discovered that all of my unhealed wounds remained, despite my success, my motivation to succeed was replaced by an intense fear of losing what I had—and my identity in the process.”

This, I think, is what keeps so many people stagnant in unfulfilling relationships, careers, married to their worth through their possessions, unable to make the changes needed for fear of losing–what they think of–themselves.

Courageous, David. Thank you.


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