Shelton Jackson “Spike” Lee is one of the finest American film directors that released various popular movies in his career.

There are only a few people in the industry that put their points in front of people or speak out loud related to any topic and Spike Lee is one of them. He in his movies beautifully covers various sensitive issues related to society such as race relations, colorism in the black community, and the role of media in contemporary life, urban crime, politics, and poverty.

Awarded by various prizes, Lee entertaining the audience with its first feature film “She’s Gotta Have it” released in 1985. He tries his hand in various genres such as comedy, drama, music, etc. The best part of Spike Lee Movies is he adds some interesting flavors to it, which make the movie extraordinary and must-watch stuff.

Spike Lee has released various entertaining stuff in their career. Out of which we have mentioned some of its amazing work or best movies here. His new movie of 2020 Da 5 Bloods (Story of Four African American Veterans who fights the battle forces of humanity and nature, returns to Vietnam to find the remains of their fallen squad leader and the buried treasure) is available on Netflix to watch and download.

Pass Over

Genre: Drama

Cast: Jon Michel Hill, Ryan Hallahan, Julian Parker, Blake DeLong

Storyline: Inspired by Samuel Beckett’s Waiting of Godot, Pass Over is the story of two men Moses (Jon Michel Hill) and Kitch (Julian Parker) who are homeless on the block of 64th and Martin Luther King Drive. Both of them pass their time dream of the freeing land.

Jon and Julian played their exceptional well. They are funny, vulnerable, and magnetic and present emotional scenes in an incredible way.

Each part of the move from the sound of the gun to the spiritual element and every other thing projected so nicely that it enhances the visual storytelling experience.

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Chi- Raq

Genre: Music, Crime, Comedy

Cast: Nick Cannon, Wesley Snipes, Teyonah Parris, Jennifer Hudson, Steve Harris

Storyline: Based on Classic Greek comedy play Aristophanes’ Lysistrata, Chi-Rag is the amazing story of two gang violence the Spartans, led by Demetrius Dupree (Chi-Raq) and the Trojans, led by Cyclops.

After the death of a child by a stray bullet, the story takes a twisted turn, a women group led by Chi-Raq lover Lysistrata stand against the ongoing violence in Chicago’s Southside. She by taking guidance from a well-read non-violence advocate Helen and Leymath, who lead a peace movement to stop the Second Liberian Civil war, organize a meeting between two gang leaders. She put a point in the meeting related to withhold sex until the men agree to lay down arms and she wants both gangs to agree on it.

The movement that challenges the nature of race, sex, and violence rapidly spread in America and the outside world and it becomes a worldwide problem. It ends up with the deal to stop gun violence and build new hospitals and trauma centers.

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Genre: Crime, Drama

Cast: Adam Driver, Laura Harrier, John David Washington, Topher Grace, Ryan Eggold

Storyline: Set in 1970 in Colorado Springs, Blackklansman is based on the 2014 memoir Black Klansman by Ron Stallworth. Story focuses on Ron Stallworth, the first African-American detective who is hired in the Colorado Springs Police Department.  

 After his request, he assigned undercover work in the rally of civil rights leader Kwame Ture. At the rally, he meets the president of the Black Student Union of Colorado College and assigns, Patrice. In the meeting, various discussions are done and he assigned a new dangerous project of Ku Klux Khan Expose.  

He recruits his Jewish coworker Flip Zimmerman to help him in the case and together they both find various dark secrets of Ku Klux Khan.

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Da Sweet Blood of Jesus

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Romance

Cast: Stephan Tyrone Williams, Rami Malek, Zaraah Abrahams, Felicia Pearson, Elvis Nolasco

Storyline: Spike Lee’s horror genre movie is the remake of 1974 movie Ganja and Hess, written by Bill Gunn. He presents an interesting concept of a vampire with a love story.

The story of the movie focuses on Dr. Hess Green who is a rich African-American anthropologist and art collector. During his study, he found an ancient dagger that originates in the Ashanti Empire and has power to blood transfusions.

One night Green unstable colleague (Hightower) from the museum acquires the dragger and reaches his mansion. The two of them discuss various topics and Hightower due to over-drunken decides to commit suicide. Green convinces him and puts him down but late-night Hightower stabs Green with the dragger.

After a long sleep when Green wakes up he finds some changes in him, he discovers that normal food and drinks are unable to fulfill her eating demands, he needs human blood to satisfy his thirst. For this, he kills so many people.

The twist in the movie takes place when Hightower’s girlfriend (Ganja) reached Green mansion. Firstly after seeing her ex-husband’s body, she was shocked but later on when green explain everything and tell her that he loves her and want to marry her, she agreed.  On the honeymoon night, he stabs her and she also becomes a vampire and both of them start killing humans for their blood.

Later Green disappointed with his life and visit the church. When Ganja reached church to tell him the truth of his servant murder, she finds him in the shadow of the cross, dying. Ganja feels sad for him but continues his vampire lifestyle.

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Genre: Action, Thriller

Cast: Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen, Sharlto Copley, Samuel L. Jackson

Storyline: OldBoy is the story of Joe Doucett, who is an alcoholic advertising executive. One day after losing lots of money, he drinks so much and when he passes over, he saw a woman with a yellow umbrella and fainted. When he was awake, he is locked in a hotel room and captors provide him food and other important living items.

Joe is blamed for his wife’s murder and his 3-year old daughter Mia was adopted by the welfare system. Joe was locked in the room for more than 20 years where he made a list of the people who he thinks would kidnap him and also write a letter to his daughter.

One day he was drugged and when he awakes in found himself in the street with some money and a cellphone. He again spots the umbrella girl and tries to stop her but he missed and meet Marie, a nurse. Joe meets Chunky, his friend, and told him everything. Both try to capture the suspect and suddenly he gets a call from the stranger who told him that his daughter is kidnapped and if he finds the suspect then he releases his daughter and gives him diamonds.

Joe applies all his efforts and fined the suspect and meets his daughter Mia. One important secret that suspects Adrian told him that Marie is his daughter, who with he had sex. The suspect wants him to know how it felt when we lose everything. Joe never meets Marie again and left some diamonds for her.

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Red Hook Summer

Genre: Drama

Cast: Clarke Peters, Nate Parker, Thomas Jefferson Byrd, Toni Lysaith, Jules Brown

Storyline: Red Hook Summer is a Sixth movie in the chronicles of Brooklyn.

Story of the Spike Lee Movie focuses on a teen boy Flik Royale who is sent from Atlanta to Brooklyn to live with his preacher grandfather Da Good Bishop Enoch Rouse (who is a criminal). Enoch teaches various lessons to Flik and also engage them in earning-related activities and make his summer holidays boring.

One day in the mid of the church prayer, a strange man leisurely walking into the back of the Church and blames Bishop for sexual molestation fifteen years earlier, grandfather admits the crime reveals that the church has covered his crime by giving lots of money the boy’s family and leave Enoch to start a new life.

After listening that the new group of religious people goes against him and beat him and hangover him to police.

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Miracle at St. Anna

Genre: War, Drama

Cast: Omar Benson Miller, Laz Alonso, Derek Luke, Michael Ealy, Valentine Cervi

Storyline: The story of the set in Italy during German-occupied Europe in World War II. The story sets in flashbacks and focuses on four soldiers Derek Luke, Michael Early, Laz Alonso, and Omar Benson Miller.

During the war, the four of them are separated from the rest of the unit and they take refuge in a small village Tuscan and develop a bond with the residents. The story takes the twisted turn when out of four soldiers, one risk his life to save an Italian boy.

Spike Lee’s epic war movie “Miracle at St. Anna” is based on McBride’s 2003 novel of the same name. It is a flashback movie told by the eyes of Hector Negron, a World War veteran and post office clerk in New York City.

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Inside Man

Genre: Thriller, Crime

Cast: Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, Jodie Foster, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Christopher Plummer

Storyline: The story of the Spike Lee Movie focuses Dalton Russell who is the mastermind of the robbery and narrates how he commits the perfect robbery.

He with his other fellow partners makes a plan to rob the Manhattan Bank, New York. They all dress as painters and enter the bank and take patron and employee hostages. Divide the hostages into groups and dressed them in the same dress which they are wearing.

Detective Keith Frazier and Bill Mitchell take charge of the negotiations and police surround the bank. When the chairman of the bank Arthur Case comes to know about the robbers he hires fixer Madeleine to protect the content of the safe deposit box within the bank.

Detective Frazier demand to see the hostages before they robbers to leave, Russell allows him. Frazier during the tour of the bank attack Russell but another robber saves him. Frazier said he is judging Russell that he is not a killer but soon the robbers execute a hostage and proved him wrong.

Now the emergency unit of police comes into action but Russell with the smoke grenade tackles the police and exits the bank. Later on, when police inspect the bank, they find that robbers are using rubber bullets and plastic weapons and nothing is stolen from the bank, expect a safe deposit number 392, which contained diamonds and a ring.

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There is various other outstanding work of Spike Lee that is not included in the list but are appreciated by audience around the world.

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