Whether you are traveling outside or overseas and want to access Netflix other than your own country, but don’t know about this. Then don’t worry, we bring tips to unblock Netflix with a virtual private network from anywhere in the world.

How VPN is important for Netflix?

If you are traveling through India and you logged in Netflix, but unable to find shows and movies you were watching. It is happening because you are logged in the Indian version of Netflix and every country has a different agreement with Netflix. Therefore, to watch Netflix in a particular country you must have licensed the country.

The best way to remove this restriction is to unblock with international VPN service. It hides and encrypts your internet traffic, spoofs your IP address, and help to use in different country or city in which you are actually in. It allows using the website and services of other countries.

So, if you are in Australia, or anywhere else, you easily use Indian Netflix from other locations with a VPN.

Conditions to choose Netflix Unblocking VPN Service

All VPN services do not allow Netflix Unblocking. VPN provider that fulfill the following conditions, offer this service such as

  • Fast streaming protocols
  • Unlimited bandwidth for streaming
  • Test service that provides in the free trial, before selecting a plan
  • Good track record of Unblocking Netflix

Steps to use Netflix with a VPN Service

Step 1: Initially head over to the VPN provider’s website and download the required application package for a device or operating system.

Step 2: Open download and for installation, follow steps available on-screen. Admin access is needed to complete this process. If there is any problem, contact to VPN provider for help.

Step 3: When the VPN package is installed, launch the application. Each VPN interface is different; you found a list of servers in every country. Then select a server of the country where you want to unblock Netflix.

Step 4: Now move to Netflix. If everything works correctly, you see a country-specific URL for Netflix in your browser’s address bar, like ‘netflix.com‘ for U.S. Netflix.

Step 5: Login Netflix and start watching favorite movies and shows.

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Last Update: October 29, 2019