Traveling is always fascinating. It opens up your mind by activating the nerves. It gives you a feeling of liberation from day-to-day tension. A large number of free ideas travel through your mind during this. You get to see a new place, meet new people, new culture, new aroma and altogether new horizon of life.

Traveling with family and friends is always enjoyable as it becomes a fun event. But solo traveling is very-very interesting as it teaches you a myriad of lessons of life which no one can teach you. It tests your risk-taking ability and boosts your capabilities and confidence.

Important Traits of a Solo traveler

The most important traits which separate solo traveler from others are his curiosity in everything, inquisitiveness, never-give-up attitude, mixing abilities with people, and open-mindedness.  Solo traveling builds you externally as well as internally. The way to see and expect from the world changes for a solo traveler.

Many people have misconception solo travelers are introverts, non-trustworthy, and highly irritating. But frankly, I assure you this is a myth. They are people of the next level of intellectualness.

How to start solo traveling?

People have confusion about how to start solo traveling.  For them, my advice is to just start from places which are near to your cities with better connectivity. Once you learn the art then venture for more difficult places.

Before visiting a place you must research from length to breadth of that place. Like

  • Modes of transport
  • Type of terrain
  • Duration of travel
  • Type of people
  • Availability of logistics

And many others

Then you decide about your requirements and give it a go. Always carry sufficient cash to meet the requirements and be alert about pickpocketing and get trapped by people.

Golden rules of Solo Traveling

  • Research and planning about the place
  • List of itinerary
  • Always use public transport
  • Never believe abruptly on anyone
  • No food sharing from any strangers
  • Always ask police personnel or government authority
  • Keep helpline numbers in hand of that area
  • Keep sufficient cash
  • Always be alert

The need for Solo Traveling

Always remember it is a chance life has given to you. So, try to utilize it as a learning tool, not as a fun trip.

Job, work, tension, etc. these things will always be there till you breadth; but remember one of the youth age is gone it becomes very difficult for you to travel even if you have ample time. It is the youth period where you can stretch your body, mind like anything.


In the end, I will tell my readers that solo traveling is a lifelong memory that never fades from your mind. You have a 360-degree knowledge development about society, culture, norms, liberty, and friendship. Whenever you get don’t waste it give a try for solo traveling and you will see the returns are infinity.

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