After so many rumors and fans assumptions, Netflix finally announced that the most interesting and successful original production of site Stranger Things; a science-fiction drama is coming back with the fourth season that does not stick around Hawkins.

Stranger Things, a 1980s horror drama that set in a fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana show a teenage suburban gang that fights against supernatural powers and monsters. It became an instant hit for Netflix when it was released on July 2016.

The third season of the series breaks the records when approximately 40.7 million people had viewed the series in first four days. It opens the door for the new season.

Stranger Things 4 announcement

Netflix officially confirmed the fourth season by tweeting a video and a tagline “We’re not in Hawkins anymore”.  The first teaser trailer of the new season shows Stranger Things Season four logo being choked by the vines of the Upside Down.

The trailer does not reveal many things about the season, but it is confirmed that it will cross the boundaries of Indiana suburb Hawkins and move to the new and exciting place full of mysterious and horror.

Netflix also announced that it signed a deal with the creators, Duffy Brothers bring their awesome imagination to other movies and television show projects. Though they work hard to convert Stranger Things into a streaming sensation and it is more exciting to think where this new show goes next.

Duffy brothers said that “we are thrilled to continue our relationship with Netflix”. Its team provides guidance, support and creative freedom that we always think about. We also can’t wait to present the interesting story of this new season.

They do not reveal further details about the series but hopefully, we won’t wait for long to watch this science-fiction horror period drama on our favorite streaming channel Netflix.

Stranger Things 4: Official Teaser Trailer