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Lord of the Rings Season 2 will be coming on Amazon...

An epic fantasy action series “Lord of the Rings” gets renewed for the second season by Amazon Prime Video. Inspired by the...



The Crown Season 3 is out to watch on Netflix, check it now

Netflix shows The Crown is back with its remarkable and interesting series of episodes. After two years, with fancy dresses and new faces, the series once again has the same heart...
Motherless Brooklyn

Let’s check out everything about November New Movie “Motherless Brooklyn”

Edward Norton, neo-noir crime movie, Motherless Brooklyn is an interesting movie release in November 2019. After 2000 romantic comedy-drama “Keeping the Faith”, director Edward Norton first time sit on director chair and...
mission impossible all parts

Mission Impossible All Parts: How To Watch This Spy Action Series?

Mission Impossible, a popular spy action drama based on Bruce Geller television series of the same name, has completed a journey of six movies and coming soon with two more movies.

House of the Dragon: Game of Thrones prequel coming on HBO

HBO is coming up with another new series or prequel of Game of Thrones titled House of Dragon. As per the announcement, the series is all about House Targaryen and shows various...
The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian: A American Web Television Series Streaming Now On Disney Plus

Highly entertaining new Star Wars series “The Mandalorian” has finally released on Disney's new streaming service Disney Plus. This new space opera is set in Star Wars Universe and takes place five...