The trending Netflix Sitcom, That 90s Show has been renewed for a Season 2 and fans are more than excited about it!

That 90s Show- All you need to know about the popular Netflix sitcom

Netflix recently released a sitcom and it has been trending for a while. Have you ever heard of That 70s Show? It is a very popular show which became a great hit because of how funny it was. That 90s Show is a new sitcom show on Netflix which is the spin off series of That 70s Show

The popular sitcom, That 70s Show was first released in 1998. The funny sitcom series has a total of 8 seasons and its last episode aired in the month of May 2006. With around 200 episodes, That 70s show is a comedy series that will get you rolling on the floor laughing. And after years of waiting, its spin off series has finally released on Netflix as That 90s Show!

That 90s Show released on Netflix on January 19, 2023. It has a total episodes all of which are already out. Since its release on Netflix, viewers from across the world have been loving the sitcom and have been curious about whether it will have a second season.

Well, we have a good news for all the fans of the trending Netflix sitcom as Netflix has now officially renewed the comedy series for a second season!

In case you have not yet watched the trending Netflix sitcom yet, here is all you need to know about the spin off series of That 70s Show:

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What is the Plot of That 90s Show?

That 90s Show is a teen sitcom on Netflix that has been trending on the popular streaming platform. It is a period comedy series and as you can already guess from the name, it is set in the summers of the 1990s.

The plot of this trending Netflix sitcom centers around a teenage girl, Leia Forman. Leia is the daughter of Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti ( from That 70s Show).

Leia goes to her grandparents house in Point Place, Wisconsin to spend her summer vacation in the year 1995, i.e, 15 years after the events of That 70s Show. Her grandparents are Red and Kitty( from That 70s Show).

The storyline of this trending sitcom series on Netflix basically focuses on how Leia ends up forming many new and strong bonds with other teenagers at her grandparents house during the summer of 90s.

The story of That 90s Show will hit you with nostalgia. This American sitcom show is not only hilarious but it also has a potential of becoming your comfort TV show for the upcoming years. And especially with its second season renewed by Netflix, That 90s Show is a must watch for all!

You can watch all the episodes of That 90s Show here on Netflix.

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Who is in the Cast of That 90s Show?

That 90s Show is a spin off series of That 70s Show. So if you have watched That 70s Show, you will see some familiar faces as well as newer faces in the Netflix comedy series.

Here is all you need to know about the cast of the popular sitcom on Netflix:

Debra Jo Rupp is back again as Kitty Forman in this spin off series . She is the paternal grandmother of Leia in the show.

Kurtwood Smith is also back as Red Forman in the sitcom. He is playing the role of Leia’s paternal grandfather.

Callie Haverda is playing the role of the teenage girl, Leia Forman. Leia is a bright and witty kid and the Netflix sitcom centers around her. She is the daughter of Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti from That 70s Show.

Ashley Aufderheide is playing the role of Gwen Runck in the comedy series. Ashley is a rebel but has a rather loyal heart.

Mace Coronel is playing the role of Jay Kelso. Jay is the lover interest of Leia and he is very handsome and often flirtatious. He is the son of Jackie Burkhart and Michael Kelso from That 70s Show.

Reyn Doi is playing the role of Ozzie in That 90s Show. Ozzie is Leia’s best friend and is really smart and sensitive.

Maxwell Acee Donovan is playing the role of Nate Runck. Nate is Gwen’s older half-brother. He has a laid back and outgoing personality.

Sam Morelos is playing the role of Nikki. Nikki is very intelligent and is Nate’s girlfriend.

That 90s Show also casts many guest actors from That 70s Show such as Topher Grace , Mila Kunis , Ashton Kutcher , Laura Prepon , and Wilmer Valderrama, etc.

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Will there be a season 2 of the popular Netflix sitcom?

Yes, Netflix has already renewed the season 2 of That 90s Show owing to the amazing response it gained from viewers from across the world. The release date of the sitcom series has not yet been confirmed by Netflix yet. Since the first season of the sitcom ended just recently, its second season is unlikely to release soon.

However, we can expect it to release in a year or so. The second season of That 90s Show will be set in 1996. The teen friends will gather together to have more fun in the second season of the popular Netflix sictom.

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