Technology has left no boundaries and has helped to make anything accessible. It has played a major role in connecting to anyone sitting anywhere in the world.

And like we all know international calls can cost a bomb! Hence, apps like FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Google Voice came to the rescue. Below I will be sharing a list of the best apps to use for international calling. These apps can be used for international calling with friends or family as well as doing business meetings.

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Google voice is one of the apps which is used for making calls internationally. It offers a reasonable rate to make calls. Not only this it also offers personalized voicemail, transcription options as well as call forwarding.

Versions of it are available on both IOS and Android and you can even port your mobile number onto the app for a one-time free access!


FaceTime has made connecting with people so much easier. For the Apple users, FaceTime is the only way to go! It offers free video and audio calls. While on FaceTime you can also interact using emojis, text, or even send stickers that make it way more fun.


Whatsapp a networking platform owned by Facebook is available on IOS and Android. It is used for voice, video, and SMS communication with whoever is on it. Not only can it be used for connecting with your near and dear ones but also used be for business purposes.


Skype a frequently mentioned app for international calling is one of the most popular apps for networking worldwide.

The app is available for Windows, Mac, IOS as well as Android and provides free calls via internet connection. Unfortunately, one drawback associated with Skype is the unpredictability of the quality of phone call audio.


Rebtel is another international calling app that provides premium quality experience. The app is available on both Android and IOS and the calls to the US are unlimited as well as free.

While making a call internationally you won’t be required to pay a lot. This is because of the platform’s local number function which it offers. The function ensures that you are charged while using the local rates. Another plus point is since you would be using your local landline and mobile call routing the internet connectivity won’t be an issue.


Vonage provides access to some pretty-much cheap international call rates while the calls made to other Vonage users would be free. One of it’s highlighting features is that it supports HD audio which means that you would happily enjoy great call quality. Unfortunately, one issue with this app is the lack of video chat. It is available on IOS and Android.


Nobelapp allows you to make calls via WiFi, data, or even access numbers. The call rates that are offered are considered to be among the lowest and cheapest available in the market. The app also allows you to send international text messages along with taking advantage of the other NobelCom services. One of the best things being it’s easy accessibility being available on both IOS and Android.

8. IMO

Imo app which is available across both Android and IOS offers free video calls and chat. It allows placing calls with just 2G connection and is a good pick for someone who wants to place an international call over the internet but have a low connection.


Voxofon is another free option available on Android and IOS. Its ability to offer high-quality video calls to any destination along with cross-device functionality for phones, tablets, etc is what makes it stand out! The only tricky catch associated with this app is that you can only ring up people who are on your Facebook friend list.


Viber allows access to some low-cost phone calls for international conversations while you use Wifi to connect with other Viber users. The app will quickly scan your phone contacts that help to identify other Viber users. This will allow you to call them for free. Again it’s availability on IOS and Android makes it super accessible.