the 100 Season 7 or we can say the final season of the popular science-fiction seriesThe 100” has finally hit the television screen.  

The top-rated drama amazes the audience with its impeccable scenes and interesting dialogs, from the last six seasons. Based on Kass Morgan’s novel of the same name, the series started 97 years after a devastating nuclear war wiped out almost all life on Earth and continues with 48 people remaining out of 100, in season. It shows Alpha Station, nuclear reactors, missiles, spaces, artificial intelligence, in its six best seasons that hooked the audience. 

Now, the final season of this top-rated CW’s drama also contains various interesting twists and turns. The series in its new season follows the story of the sixth season and shows a new habitable world, Alpha, also known as Sanctum. The heroes in this new season try to figure out new inhabitants where they live together in peace but as we all know, things do not work the way we think, the same implies the 100. the 100 Season 7 of the series will show more action and drama that never watched before.

The 100: Seasons

Before watching season 7 let’s just brush up what we watched in Season one to season 6 of “The 100” series.

The 100: Season 1

The first of the CW web series released on March 19, 2014, and show the future time Earth which is destroyed by the nuclear war. Thirteen episodes show the story of twelve station survivors, who come together and form a single massive station named “The Ark”, wenis galore about 2,400 people live.

The 100: Season 2

Started on October 22, 2014, the second season shows the journey of 48 remaining people who are taken to mount weather by the Mountain men. The men are transfusing blood from imprisoned Grounders as an anti-radiation treatment so that their bodies have not adapted to deal with the remaining radiation on Earth. 

The 100: Season 3

Sixteen episodes season three impress the audience by showing an Alpha station which is renamed as Arkadia and artificial intelligence commands who try to make life better for mankind by solving the problem of overpopulation by launching the nuclear apocalypse that devastated Earth.

The 100: Season 4

Released on February 1, 2017, the 100 season 4 shows that most of the part of Earth is not suitable for life because hundred of nuclear reactors are melting down around the world. On the other hand an old bunker is discovered that can protect 1,200 people for over 5 years from the new apocalypse.

The 100: Season 5

Thirteen episodes of season 5 show the bunker people who safely start living in space and the bunker sent back to the ground. It also shows the battle between prisoners and Wonkru that end up with the valley being destroyed.

The 100: Season 6

The 100 Season 6 premiered on April 30, 2019 and show 125 years in Cryosleep. The people when wake up found themselves in a habitable world, Alpha, also known as Sanctum. They start leaving a peaceful life there but soon they found that they are surrounded by the mysterious and dangerous rebel group.

Where to watch this new season?

Sixteen episodes of the post-Apocalyptic science-fiction web series season 7premiere on May 20, 2020 on the CW. So, you watch the series on the channel, if it is available in your area. Other people watch this amazing series on The CW app and The CW website.

The new season of the 100 is also available on the Amazon Prime Video purchasing section. So, you can easily purchase it from there and watch it.

The 100, first to six seasons is available on Netflix to watch and download. Its final season will be available to watch eight days after the season final episode will release on the CW. So, it is expected to release in September 2020 or later.

The 100 Season 7: Cast

IMDB rated top series cast include an old group of criminal adolescents and post-apocalyptic survivors such as Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin, Thomas Mc Donell as Finn Collins, Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake, Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia Blake, Lindsey Morgan as Raven Reyes, and Richard Harmon as John Murphy. 

Other important faces of the 100 casts seven 7 are Jarod Joseph as Nathan Miller, Sachin Sahel as Dr. Eric Jackson, Tasya Teles as Echo, Adina Porter as Indra, Lola Flanery as Madi Griffin, Shannon Kook as Jordan Green and others.

The 100 Season 7: Trailer