Conrad Vernon and Greg Tieman directed the best 3-D Computer animated horror-comedy movie of 2019 that is out to surprise you. The movie based on the Charles Addams comics of the same name consists of extraordinary animation, eye-catching visuals, and excellent voice cast.

The movie theatrically premiered on October 11, 2019, in the United States and November 1, 2019, in India. Its producer Gail Berman announced that they already start working on its sequel and it is expected to be released on October 22, 2021.

This all-new drama consists of a sweet little family with four amazing and interesting members. Father Gomez (Oscar Isaac) and mother Morticia (Charlize Theron), daughter Wednesday (Chloe Grace Moretz) and son Pugsley (Finn Wolfhard).

The storyline of the new movie

The story focus on Gomez Addams and Morticia who on their wedding day drive out because of their ghoulish and outlandish ways and they relocate or take shelter in an abandoned asylum, up a hill, in a remote town name “Assimilation” located New Jersey.

13 Years later, the family has two more members, a daughter Wednesday and a son Pugsley. Gomez is happy that finally, he has a perfect family and home. But the twist begins when a reality TV host Margaux Needler wants to change their house for her show finale shoot and Addams family protest and refuse her proposal.

The storyline of this animated movie target various teen issues such as peer hood pressure, when a young and disinterested Pugsley is forced to participate in a sword-fighting competition to prove his worth as an Addams and when Wednesday feels that her family doesn’t get her just like Parker Needler’s daughter.

Some other problems like bullies in school, long family tradition, and other personal teen issues are focused on this story.

The Addams Family: Cast

The Addams Family consists of excellent and amazing voice cast such as

Original Name Movie Name Role in Movie/Voice  in Movie
Oscar Issac Gomez Addams Head of the Addams family and Morticia’s husband
Charlize Theron Morticia Addams Gomez Addams wife
Chloe Grace Moretz Wednesday Addams Gomez and Morticia’s daughter
Finn Wolfhard Pugsley Addams Gomez and Morticia’s son
Allison Janney Margaux Needler A greedy reality TV host
Elis Fisher Parker Needler Margaux’s neglected and rebellious daughter
Pom Klementieff Layla and Kayla twin girls and Parker’s friends
Bette Midler Grandmother Gomez and Fester’s mother
Nick Kroll Uncle Fester Gomez Addams Brother
Conrad Vernon Lurch The Addams Family’s butler

Where to watch this horror movie?

The movie is available to watch at your nearest theatres. So, don’t waste a minute, go and watch this movie this weekend.

The Addams Family 2019: Trailer

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