In 35 years of Guatemalan civil war spanned 1960 through 1996, a conflict between government forces and leftist rebel groups. More than 200,000 civilians killed. One man fought for them, one of the human rights activists Bishop Juan Gerardi brutally murdered in his garage.

Based on Francisco Goldman’s of award-winning book of same title and executive-produced by Academy Award winners George and Grant Heslov. The Art of Political Murder tells the story of the 1998 murder of Guatemalan human rights activist Bishop Juan Gerardi. How it stunned a country devastated by decades of political violence, and the fight for justice that established.

The Art of Political Murder released on December 16, 2020, on the platform of HBO Max. Directed by Emmy award-winning filmmaker Paul Taylor. The documentary filled with suspense, mystery, and a whole set of twists and turns. He won several awards for his first documentary ‘We Are Together’ including International Documentary Association.

What is the plot of the documentary The Art of Political Murder?

The documentary revolves around an investigation into the truth behind the murder of Guatemalan Bishop Juan Gerardi, who killed in 1998 just days after trying to hold the country’s military accountable for the atrocities committed during its civil war.

The documentary based on Francisco Goldman’s 2014 book. Depicts the history, religion, corruption, and the investigation of the brutal murder that took place in Guatemalan. But the story isn’t the war story; Bishop Juan Gerardi openly criticized the government. Exposed the military war crimes in his 1996 researched report of Recovery of Historical Memory Project.

The Bishop was an outspoken activist and vocal about their thoughts for the Mayan people and beloved by many.

After two days of the release of his report, Bishop Juan Gerardi brutally murdered. His body found outside the parish house, beaten mercilessly, with a blood-stained on the concrete slab.

The documentary film served to what happened after the cruel murder includes many theories. Some untold truth and protesters who stand against crime, a botched crime scene. Watch crime documentary The Art of Political Murder on HBO Max Original.

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What is the cast of the documentary?

The documentary cast includes clips of the prosecutors. There are interviews with a journalist and activists, and numerous untold theories about the killing of human activist Bishop. How the murder was planned, and what the motive for killing him.

The cast includes Francisco Goldman, Ronalth Ochaeta, Claudia Méndez Arriaza, Leopoldo Zeissig, Rubén Chanax, and Arturo Aguilar as self.

Where to watch the documentary film?

The Art of Political Murder released on December 16, 2020, on HBO Max.

Get an active subscription and the new installment of drama is available for a watch every week. The subscription plan is currently $14.99per month plus applicable taxes.

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