Who else is a little tired of watching movies, or shows on Netflix, Hotstar or Prime Video. If you are that person worry not, there is one more platform Hulu which you should look at. It has a variety of shows, series, and movies to binge watch and relax.

Below, I will be sharing a list of the Best Binge watch shows to see on Hulu Right Now


What We Do in the Shadows

High Fidelity

Normal People

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


Happy Endings

Mrs. America

1. Atlanta

The series Atlanta is a sneak into the life of rappers. The city of Atlanta is considered to be the top-notch city for young and budding rappers to help them earn a name in this business. Among them is Alfred Miles, an upcoming and hot new artist trying to understand the line between street and real life. He is fully managed by his cousin Earn. Earn does whatever he can to push him as well as take Alfred’s career to the next level. In between creating a career for his cousin he also tries to rescue himself from his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child.

2. What We Do in the Shadows

The series What We Do in the Shadows is a really good binge watch. It is a mockumentary that promises to make you laugh till it hurts. The series unfolds the struggle of three vampires Nandor, Colin Robinson, and Nadja who have a hard time keeping up with the responsibilities as well as duties of everyday life as they reside in an apartment of hustling New York City.

3. High Fidelity


The series High Fidelity is about Rob who is a thirty-year-old record store owner. The show throws light on his unluckiness when it comes to relationships. He is all set to reconcile his relationship with Laura, who just dumped him!

4. Normal People

This romantic series unleashes the story of Marianne and Connell who come from completely different backgrounds but the same town Ireland. It shows the twists and turns along with the complications the two face as they start growing out of each other. Its a roll coaster ride into their love life that started from high school moving into adulthood.

5. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a sitcom that talks about a group of five underachievers. They co-own a broken down Irish bar. All five of them are involved in various controversies and what’s weird is that each one of them keeps plotting against each other. Hence they lack a sense of unity and are self-centered.

6. Dave

The show Dave is centered around a neurotic man in his late 20s. He has convinced himself that he was destined to be the best rappers of all time. So, he is all set to convince his friends as he believes if he convinces them he might have a chance to convince the world. He begins on the journey to leave no stone unturned to be the next superstar. The television comedy talks about the life of rapper and comedian Dave Burd and is a good binge watch.

7. Happy Endings

The series talks about a group of six friends who face a serious and uncomfortable situation when Dave and Alex, the couple who brought everyone together break up!

8. Mrs. America


The series Mrs. America is all about a group of feminists coming together from all across the American subcontinent. They are on a rally to approve the Equal Rights Amendment. In this rally, they need to wipe off Phyllis Schlafly, who is a conservative activist that consistently opposes the feminist agenda.