Callisto Protocol is a game you would not want to miss playing if you are a survival game freak.

The Callisto Protocol- A New Survival Horror Game that you must play!

The holiday season is here. And so, we have got lots of time on our hands to enjoy playing our favorite games. The Callisto Protocol is the game that will keep you hooked up this holiday season.

The Callisto Protocol is a new survival game for the new generation of players. It is a third person game which will give a horror experience beyond what you may have imagined.

The Callisto Protocol goes above and above to create an ominous sense of dread through thick, gloomy atmospheric levels, alternating exploration with brief bursts of gory combat against monstrous foes.

The only means of surviving in this game is to snip off and blow away limbs. You could also use a gravity gun to wrench adversaries into hazardous elements of the environment, or engage in intense melee fighting to smash flesh into mulch. The Callisto Protocol is something you definitely would not want to miss playing if you liked games such as Dead Space.

This survival game is surely not for the weak of heart. However, if you enjoy thrilling games that keep you at the edge of your seat, this game is the perfect one for you!

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When did The Callisto Protocol release and where to play the survival game?

The Callisto Protocol was created by Striking Distance Studios. Glen Schofield is the director of the new survival game. He previously collaborated on the Dead Space series. Krafton released the thrilling survival game.

The game’s development started in June 2019 with the establishment of Striking Distance Studios. The game was previously developed to be included in the PUBG: Battlegrounds universe. However, The Callisto Protocol ended up developing into a unique story of its own. And now, it is being highly talked about by the survival game lovers.

The Callisto Protocol released recently on December 2. Since its release, the survival game has caught the attention of many players.

You can play the new survival game on Windowa, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The survival game also released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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When is the survival game set?

The Callisto Protocol is set in the year 2030 on Callisto. Callisto is a dead moon of Jupiter. This area is one of the most inhospitable, isolated locations in the cosmos. It looms over Jacob Lee all through the course of The Callisto Protocol’s events.The game is a single player survival game. So, surviving in the dead region is gonna be a tough deal for you.

Since the new survival game is a third player game, Jacob Lee is the character you will be taking control of throughout the game. Jacob Lee is a prisoner at the Black Iron Prison upon the surface of the lifeless moon. You will have to flee and live against vicious animals that follow the station after a mystery outbreak causes the moon to fall into disorder. You also have to solve the secrets surrounding the United Jupiter Company in this survival game.

The action will be mixed with cinematics in this game. You will learn about the story of the game by fighting in the icy corridors of the Black Iron Prison and in the surroundings. You can play the game both above and below the surface of Callisto and in the environs.

There is a lot of storytelling in between the stress and the hard stuff in this survival game. You can expect to come across a pretty complex story while playing this game. So, we can expect that playing the Callisto Protocol is not gonna be a easy deal, which makes the game even more worth playing.

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What is the gameplay of The Callisto Protocol?

Jacob Lee is the protagonist of The Callisto Protocol. You will operate or control Jacob from a third-person viewpoint. The majority of gameplay data will be shown on a holographic HUD. You will also see this data from a third person viewpoint.

Jacob Lee is transferred to a jail institution on Callisto. There, he battles infected inmates with an unidentified sickness while learning the facility’s sinister secrets. Players explore a number of levels while collecting resources and fending against infected inmates during gameplay.
There is Core Device implanted on the back of Jacob’s neck. This device serves as a health indicator. You can use injectable pickups to restore his health. There is a affray fighting system along with gun-based combat. Jacob must avoid opponent attacks while searching for opportunities to strike and eliminate the attacker. You can combine both combat stances in this survival game. This offers us a number of approaches of dealing with different enemy species.
When Jacob’s health reaches zero, his foes will brutally kill him. Throughout the game, Jacob is able to gather and listen to audio logs that offer more in-depth analyses of the characters and world, offering the player strategic elements and extending the plot with about an hour’s worth of in-game cinematics.

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