Netflix shows The Crown is back with its remarkable and interesting series of episodes. After two years, with fancy dresses and new faces, the series once again has the same heart and soul as we see in its first two seasons.

Led by Oscar-winner Olivia Coleman, this new crafted batch of the series explores the royal family complicated or complex relationship with each other and with their subjects. This all-new historical drama shows the effect of rapidly changing times on the Windsor dynasty. Claire Foy in the powerful role of queen name Olivia Colman deals with cold war paranoia, a husband who is facing the midlife crisis, a drunken sister and a son whose point of view matches more with the younger people living outside the palace than his family members.

Another surprising character of the new drama is Josh O’Connor, who played the role of young Charles, having different views than his father and mother. Two episodes depicting his charm and the challenges he faces in high school are outstanding. His rebellion nature is a refreshing element in the outdated value of the rest of the family.

The Crown: Season 3

Season 3 is not just a regular drama; it is a horror of aging in a repressed world. The internal problems between the characters are more captive than any external threat. The personal battles and the spiritual awakening after witnessing with the rest of the world astronauts is the best part depicting in its episodes. The Crown is an effort that is continuing with compelling rosters of actors.

Team of Peter Morgan, Benjamin Caron, Christian Schwochow, Jessica Hobs, Sam Donovan, James Graham, David Hancock, and others, has made “The Crown: Season 3” the best-looking show of the television screen. Their awesome set designs, eye-capturing external shots, accompaniments of wealth, well-written storyline and excellent direction add additional stars to the show.

Where to watch its episodes?

Started from November 17, 2019, watch out the political rivalries and romance of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign and the events that shaped the second half of the 20th century on your favorite streaming channel, Netflix. Apart from this, you can also check its information and watch its episodes at Hard2Know.

The Crown: Trailer

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Last Update: November 19, 2019