November brings a royal treat for the audience who were eagerly waiting for season 4 of the most anticipated series ‘The Crown’.

Netflix dropped the new season 4 packed with more fancy and lavish drama follows the journey and reign of Queen Elizabeth II, released on November 15, 2020.

The newcomer gorgeous Emma Corrin will portray the nation’s beloved princess Lady Diana Spencer, a strong personality who made a stellar performance in the new upcoming season 4 of Netflix Original series.

The second latest addition in the new series, the Golden Globe and Emmy Award Winner Gillian Anderson as Britain’s first women Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

The Oscar-Winning Olivia Colman back as Queen Elizabeth explores the royal family political issues and personal lives are often clash with each other.

Josh O’Connor made come back as Prince Charles, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth, who got engaged with Lady Diana.

Based on an award-winning play (“The Audience”) by showrunner Peter Morgan, this lavish, Netflix-original drama back with another remarkable and enthralling drama packed with ten episodes with more heart and soul than other seasons.

Season 4 follows the period between 1977 to 1990, arose tension between two ladies Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. 

The Crown Season 4:

The series follows the period 1970s. The Queen Elizabeth and her family find themselves preoccupied with protecting the line of progression by searching for a suitable bride for her elder son Prince Charles as Josh O’Connor, who is still unmarried at the age of 30.

The new divisive policies introduced by first Britain female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher showed the effects on people of nation. Due to which clash arises between Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

The clash between two women started when Thatcher leads the country into the Franklands War, generating conflict within the Commonwealth.

While Charles’ enters tumultuous marriage with Lady Diana Spencer come up with a significant fairytale to unite the British people. Behind closed doors, the Royal family is becoming increasingly divided.

From the glimpse of the trailer, we meet the new character as Margaret Thatcher and princesses lady Diana. The trailer looks interesting reveals the history of Britain in the 80s depends on three characters Thatcher, Elizabeth, and Diana. Show immense grace, power, and the tensions that arise between them in the upcoming episodes. 

“How many times can this family make the same mistake and paying consequences each time? “Yes, the Thatcher gets it and looks intense in her character. In the upcoming episodes, all the major political dramas of Thatcher will be covered; the grand opening of Prince Charles’s courtship of Lady Diana Spencer is also the central piece of drama. 

Who will be the cast in season 4? 

The two new faces introduced in lavish drama are Princess Diana as Emma and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as Gillian. 

Emma Corrin, a newcomer portraying the character Diana, welcomed as the nation’s beloved princess. Another woman from the eighties who captures the public attention against Queen Elizabeth with her strong personality and bold attitude portrays the conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. She known for roles of FBI Special Agent Dana Scully in long-running series The X-Files.

Dennis Thatcher as Stephen Boxer will also be quieter new addition plays as Thatcher’s husband. The wealthy businessman, and war hero who will besides his wife throughout the series. Mark Thatcher is Freddie Fox, who is the arrogant son of Thatcher.

Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II and Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles reprised their role in season 4. Olivia Colman known for the roles in The Crown 2006, Broadchurch, Fleabag, etc.

Josh O’Connor known for his portrayal of Johnny Saxby in the 2017 film God’s Own Country. Directed by Francis Lee, for which he won a British Independent Film Award for Best Actor. 

Carol Thatcher as Rebecca Humphries, Prince Philip as Tobias Menzies, Princess Margaret as Helena Bonham Carter, Princess Anne as Erin Doherty, Camilla Parker Bowles as Emerald Fennell will also be part of season 4. 

Where to watch The Crown season 4? 

Crown season 4 is a ten-episode series that is available to stream on Netflix. You can choose subscription plans according to your choice.  Currently, Netflix has four plans in the country.

These plans start from Rs 199 and go up to Rs 799. Each offers a different number of screens on which content can view simultaneously.

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