Netflix is coming up with the prequel of year-old fantasy film “The Dark Crystal”. Director Louis Leterrier along with its executive producer’s team recreates the world of Thra more interestingly and innovatively. They use several new technology and old craftsmanship to portray each character the way it is before.

The story of this adventurous web series contains a mixture of dark twists and intense actions. The puppets involved in the series doesn’t mean “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” is a kid movie, it is much more that. The costumes and the puppets are mind-blowing.

What is the storyline of this fantasy family drama?

The storyline of the new television series follows the story of the 1982 Jim Henson film with a twist. It shows three Gelflings- Rian, Brea, and Deet in the world of Thra discover the horrifying secret behind the Skeksis overloads that control the planet and their powerful crystal. They set out to ignite the fires of rebellion and save the world.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance All Episodes

This top-rated American adventure series contains a total of ten episodes showing the fantasy World of Thra.

Episode1: End. Begin. All the Same

The first episode of the series shows a young guard who came to know the secret about Skeksis and its powerful crystal.

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Episode2: Nothing is simple anymore

In this episode, Deet went out for the search; Rian runs away from the castle, Aughra awakens from a long journey and Brea search the true meaning of the mysterious symbol.

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Episode3: What was sundered and undone?

Deet and Hup welcomed by the Stonewood Clan, Rian prays Maudra for help and Brea struggles with her unsavory new duties.

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Episode4: The First Thing I Remember is Fire

Brea solves a puzzle in a mysterious room beneath the throne and the Chamberlain make a plan to catch Rian and win Emperor’s trust.

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Episode5: She knows all the secrets

In this episode, a missing Landstrider herd and an unexpected visit from the Skeksis put the All-Maudra on edge.

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Episode6: By Gelfling Hand

To help Brea, Lore breaks the chamber. The other Maudras were called by Seladon to the Citadel.

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Episode7: Time to make……my move

At the circle of the Suns, the weary travelers receive a surprise and lesson in Thra’s history.

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Episode8: Prophets don’t know everything

When Deet and Rian went on a harrowing journey through the tunnel of Thra, Seladon visits the crystal castle and a new side of lords.

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Episode9: The Crystal Calls

To save themselves, the Skeksis make a deal with Aughra. Deet and Rian search the Dual Glaive.

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Episode 10: A Single Piece was lost

In the end, an interesting fight is happened between Gelfling and Skeksis and the scientist make a new secret weapon.

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The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Cast

The series contains a remarkable voice cast which includes different names such as

Taron Egerton Rian Gelfling cystal guard of the Stonewood Clan
Nathalie Emmanuel Deet Gelfling animal carer of the Grottan Clan
Anya Taylor-Joy Brea Gelfling princess of the Vapra Clan
Eddie Izzard Cadia Member of Sifa Clan
Helena Bonham Carter Maudra Mayrin Leader of the Vapra Clan
Caitriona Balfe Tavra Warrior of the Vapra Clan and Brea’s sister
Donna Kimball Aughra An astronomer and embodiment of the planet
Harris Dickinson Gurjin Member of the Drenchen Clan
Lena Headey Maudra Fara Leader of the Stonewood Clan
Louise Gold Maudra Argot Leader of the Grottan Clan

Some Glimpse from the fantasy series

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