Would you ever think that this year will turn into a nightmare?

No one ever thought that we hit by the Covid-19 and restricted ourselves into four corners of house.

All of sudden many people’s worlds turned upside down when the lockdown announced by the government with just four hours’ notice.

All means of transport have stopped and people struck far from their homes and unable to meet their loved ones.

As we hear in the news that people return from foreign has coronavirus positive and kept into isolation for a certain period. Some people have died during this period and their family members haven’t allowed meeting their loved ones, doesn’t even get to cremate their body.

OTT network Voot Select’s released series The Gone Game on August 20, 2020, that reflects the reality of today’s situations.

How we shocked when heard that our loved ones get COVID positive? Million people have been suffered due to virus, it connects with the audience because we are living in the same troubling situation.

The Gone Game thriller series shot during the lockdown directed by Nikhil Nagesh Bhat. People showed their love with IMDB rating i.e. 8.4 and worth watching series during the quarantine.

What the story holds?

The Gone Game is a four-episode series that shot by the actors in their homes separately with limited equipment.

The story starts in March when the television is flooded with news of the coronavirus and everyone is thinking how to cope up with the virus. We are struggling with it and the government is finding ways to stop the spread.

It revolves around the mysterious disappearance of the Sahil Gujral when he went under self-quarantine as he landed in India during the pandemic-induced lockdown when the news was heard by his family; they have broken down with shock and assume that he died due to Covid-19. Her sister Amara contacts the hospital and found out that his brother never admitted there.

Due to imposed lockdown by the government with just four hours’ notice stuck the whole family in different places connected through the video call with each other. It is the reality of today’s time that how much we are prisoners of our digital devices.

The trailer give glimpse how the story took turn when Sahil’s sister’s Amara receives a call from Sahil’s phone and a worm of suspicion develops in Amara’s mind.

How the director Nikhil Nagesh Bhatt holds up many twists and turns and reveals step by step in the story. Will his sister Amara unravel the mystery surrounding her brother’s alleged death and find out the truth?

What are the characters of the series?

The actor from Made in Heaven Arjun Mathur played the role of Sahil Gujral.

Due to government guidelines and to ensure his family safety he quarantines himself when he returned from Bangkok and after some time his family heard the news of his sudden missing.

The Marathi movie actress who works in numerous web series Mirzapur, House Arrest, Shriya Pilgaonkar plays the role of Sahil wife Suhani Gujral who is social media influencer in this series.

Shweta Tripathi works in movies like Masaan, and in popular web series Mirzapur plays the role of Amara Gujral.

Sahil’s younger sister is an important character in the series. She is suspicious about his brother’s death and started to investigate the case.

She is in a relationship with Prateek Jindal plays as Indraneil Sengupta who is in Mumbai.

Actors Sanjay Kapoor and Rukhsar were playing the on-screen couple and parents of Sahil Gujral, named Rajeev and Suneeta.

Rajeev, head of the family couldn’t digest reason behind his son died and wife Suneeta broke down his son’s death.

Lubana as Barkha, close friend of Gujral family, and Dibyendu Bhattacharya as Subhash Chaudhary presented in supporting roles.

The star cast of mystery-thriller also has Milind Adhikari and Nikhil Agarwal in supporting roles.

What are the reviews of the top-rated series?

 Voot’s shot-during-lockdown thriller is an interesting experiment and worth watching series. Series reflects reality we are faced in present situations.

Director Nikhil Nagesh Bhat sets his locked-room murder mystery in the early days of the pandemic.

Shot with minimal crews assistance and with limited equipment at the actor’s homes, its impact enhanced by the deft screenplay.

Story has well-executed twist and turns and the writer has done a good job by adding depth to most of the characters and excellently pulls off the plot with their perfect timing and this goes a long way in keeping fans hooked.

Amara, witty character and her curiosity about his brother’s missing mystery gets you thinking about the various direction of how she gonna tracks his brother Sahil without involving the police.

The big disclosure in the final episode packs a punch; setting the stage for the second season, so what are you waiting for? Watch The Gone game series soon on your screen.

Where and how to watch the gone game series?

You can watch the Voot Select Original; the Gone Game is streaming into Voot Select.

The Gone Game Hindi web series with all its 4 episodes by purchasing the Voot subscription plans which can cost you Rs 99 per month and Rs 499 per year.

Here you can access all other web series and show any time.

Currently, Voot Select not giving the downloading feature but you can stream videos on Voot many times as you want.

The Gone Game: Trailer

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