NBC fantasy-comedy drama “The Good Place” is coming back this year with all-new comedy filled episodes. The series premiered on September 2016 on NBC has completed three seasons with the love and support of its fans.

Commendable writing, acting and most important creative use of philosophy and ethics help this show in winning the most recognized award “Peabody Award” in 2019. Apart from this the top-rated series also wins “Hugo Award” for “Best Dramatic Presentation”.

Now, this popular series is renewed for its fourth or final season that will be released on NBC on September 26, 2019, Thursday.

Is Season 4 is the ending of “The Good Place”?

Yes, it’s true; Season 4 will be last season of this comedy series. The Good Place creator Michael Shur confirmed that the Season 4 will be the last season of this fantasy and comedy show. He says, “Four season and 50 episodes” will be the “good lifespan” for the show.

In his twitter post, he also thanked NBC, Universal TV, creative team and fans for making the show biggest hit.

What’s this final season bring for its fans?

Being the final season of the series, it is expected that the creator serves something new in the plates of its fans.

Michael Shur promises that there will be various curveballs to throw fans off. He said something interesting and significant happens that changes everything. The show started with a different thing and end up with a different thing.

The series will follow the concept of the first season that is the neighborhood. But some twisted turns will show throughout the series. Michael and the humans are now in charge of an experiment to prove that all human beings if given a certain amount of support, sympathy, love, and help then they become better people.

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The twist of the show is that the Bad Place got to choose the new four humans (John, Simone, and others) to send to the neighborhood and they intended to torture the Tahini, Chidi and other main cast members.

On the other hand, a romantic touch is also given to the interesting series by Eleanor and Chidi and Janet and Jason.

When Season 4 of the series released?

The first episode of the amazing and popular comedy series will be premiered on September 26, 2019, on NBC at 9 PM ET.

Who will the part of The Good Place season 4?

It is expected that Season 4 cast will contain main members of old seasons such as Michael, Janet, Chid, Jason, Tahani and Eleanor.

As per the trailer, a new experiment will take place in the new season that means some more new characters will join the cast of “the Good Place“, surely.

Watch the trailer of the Season 4

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