how to stay healthy

People are looking for different ways and routines to stay healthy, whether they try exercising or eating healthy food, but mostly people ignore one huge secret to be fit and healthy.

Want to know about this secret ? Then keep reading.

Have you ever wondered about the water importance? Is it just something we drink to stay alive or does it has a great other benefits?

It’s no secret that 50 to 70 % of the body mass is comprised of water.

The recommended daily water consumption differ according to body weight, women should drink around 11 cups while men should drink around 16 cups of water.

Generally we drink around two liters of water per day.

Although water is very important to the human body, most people don’t care about their daily water intake which leads to serious problem.

To know these serious problems we have to know what are the benefits of water.

Water has a lot of benefits to the body as it affects different organs.

  • Brain function

Water boosts the brain function as 73% of the brain is compromised of water. It also helps improving mood, memory and motor function.

Dehydration can cause loss of concentration, headache and increasing the sensitivity to pain.

Drinking water on regular basis increase brain power and energy.

  • Dieting and weight loss

Most people focus during their dieting to lose weight on what they should be eating and what to avoid and forget about the most important thing that is drinking water.

Water helps the body to remove the fats produced as it improves the metabolism.

It also acts as natural appetite suppressant if you drink a glass of water before meals.

  • Toxins are out of system.

Water is a natural detox that gets rid of toxin by sweating and urination.

  • Natural skin care.

Moisturizer, softer and anti aging factor are all found in water.

Water moisturize skin, reduce wrinkles formed and increase the elasticity

  • Regulate body temperature by sweating to cool your body temperature .
  • Hangover

Alcohol consumption can lead to dehydration and cause hangover. Drinking water reduces the hangover effect.

Losing 2% of water from your body can lead to the side effects we mentioned.

You should make drinking water a daily by keeping a reusable water bottle with you, drink water every 30 minute while exercising.

Although you will have to go more to the bathroom but you will be healthier and happier.

If you are already doing your best to drink enough then how about you share your experience with us.



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