Are you someone who follows up the latest series or shows on Netflix? If yes then you must have heard of the hyped and talked about series – MASABA MASABA. The series is the talk of social media and everyone is binge-watching on it. But if you still aren’t aware of the show don’t worry! Here is all you need to know about it..


Masaba Masaba is all about a famous fashion designer Masaba Gupta.


It is a deep dive into her family, love life, and her career. In the series, the real-life mother-daughter duo plays the reel versions or what we can say as the fictionalized versions of themselves.

So who is Masaba Gupta?

Masaba Gupta is a fashion designer who is synonymous with running a label by her name House of Masaba. She has a strong hold over the industry and her designs have been worn by famous celebrities. She is well-recognized what she does and is renowned for the creativity and artsy touch she brings in her clothes.

What does her label speak?

Gupta’s aesthetic is a refined blend of the contemporary and traditional vibe with a touch of modernity to it. The modernity aesthetic definitely does take an upper hand. What sets her apart is the flawlessly and catchy playoff prints she has mastered. Even the colours she chooses to play with are loud, ravishing, and quirky. She creates pieces that stand out and speak for themselves.

She proudly defines herself as a proud Indian label with a Caribbean heart. On the whole, she is exclusively known for her refined and skilled ethnic wear. She also repeatedly uses fabrics like silk, chiffon, and cotton with rich embroidery. This makes her pieces highly appealing adding that opulent feel as well as making them super comfortable.


Where to watch Masaba Masaba?

You can watch the show which is streaming on Netflix right now.

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Deeper Dive

Number of seasons – 1

Original Release– 28 August 2020

Starring – Neena Gupta, Masaba Gupta


Google users– 94 %

Overall the show has been getting mixed reviews. Some feel its too dramatic and necessary while some find it a strong source of entertainment. On the other hand, some feel it gives a polished and interesting insight into the designer’s life covering all the aspects of her life.

Watch the series now and give your own judgement!