The Princess Diaries 3 is one of the most awaited Disney movies and it is finally coming soon!

Waiting for your favorite movie to release can be really frustrating. And with The Princess Diaries, we waited long enough. And now, finally after 18 years, Disney announced the making of The Princess Diaries 3 and the internet is going crazy over it!

There is something very magical about Disney movies. Disney movies can never go wrong and they make us feel nostalgic!

If you grew up watching Disney movies then there is no way you would not have heard of the Princess Diaries. Princess Diaries was a super hit and we have not got over it yet.

The Princess Diaries first released in the year 2001. And 21 years later, now in 2022, Disney announced the making of the third addition to the series. And there are tweets everywhere about it!

The Princess Diaries

Even over two decades later, the popularity of the Anne Hathaway, Princess Diaries has not seen a downfall. If you are one of those people who grew up watching Disney films and have waited long for the movie to release, here is all you need to know about it:

All We Know About Disney’s Upcoming Princess Movie- Cast, Release Date and More

The Princess Diaries and Princess Diaries released years ago. The movies received a lot of love and became a huge hit. However, we had almost given up all our hopes regarding the making of a threequel of the movie. And right when people had started forgetting about it, we got the good news of its making!

Yes, it is finally happening! Although it took quite long( long 18 years!) The Disney Princess 3 is coming soon to us.

It was announced on 15 November that the threequel of Anne Hathaway’s breakout movie is in works at the Disney. Aadrita Mukerji is confirmed as the writer of one of the Disney’s most awaited film.

Aadrita Mukerji is a great writer who is famed for her works like Supergirl, Reacher, and Scorpion. She is also credited as the screenplay writer of The Endgame. The Endgame is a thriller series that released this year.

Debra Martin Chase is the producer of the Disney movie. He also worked on Princess Diaries and Princess Diaries 2.
Melissa Stack is executive producing the awaited threequel. She is an excellent screenplay writer. Melissa is renowned for her work, The Other Woman.

Since the Disney movie is in its initial stage of production, we do not have any information about the release date of the Princess Diaries 3. The cast of the movie has not been confirmed yet too. So, there is also no trailer or poster for the movie yet.

Anne Hathaway played the lead role in the previous two Princess Diaries movies. It has not been confirmed that she will return as the lead of the movie. However, the global star expressed her wish to work in the movie if it is ever made many times in the past. So, we are hoping that Anne Hathaway returns to play the role of the Princess of Genovia.

There is also no confirmation about Julie Andrews joining the cast of the movie yet. Although Julie Andrews earlier stated that she does not think she will be able to return to her role in The Princess Diaries 3. However, we have our fingers crossed as we pray that we get to see Julie Andrews playing the role of Queen Clarisse again.

The Princess Diaries 3 is going to a continuation film. So, if you have forgotten the story of the earlier two films, or have not watched it yet, you should keep reading this blog for a quick flashback.

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A Glimpse into the Storyline of The Princess Diaries

The Princess Diaries released 21 years ago back in 2001. Although it has been years since the previous two movies released, we still cannot forget the rollercoaster journey of Mia from an ordinary school girl to the Princess of Genovia!

The story of the Disney princess movie follows the life of Mia Thermopolis, an ordinary girl. Mia ( Anne Hathaway) lives with her single mother. She goes to Grove High School where she is not really popular and is friends with outcasts. 
Mia has a crush on Josh, who has a girlfriend. Josh girlfriend often makes fun of Mia. So, basically Mia’s life is pretty much that of an outcast too.
But Mia is the lead of the Disney’s Princess movie! So, how can things go wrong for her. 
Everything changes completely when Mia Thermopolis realises that her paternal grandmother is a QUEEN!

Mia’s grandmother, Clarisse is the Queen of Genovia. She has no heir for the throne after her death. So, Queen Clarisse decides to transform Mia from an ordinary person into the future ruler of Genovia.

Mia soon goes under a drastic transformation and prepares herself to behave like the heiress of Genovia. But things don’t go smooth for her! With many ups and downs along her journey to become a Princess of the kingdom and finally the Queen of Genovia.

We witnesses how Mia was crowned as the Queen of Genovia in the second part of the movie. And since The Princess Diaries 3 is the continuation of the earlier movies, we can expect the film to show the journey of a not-so-ordinary girl Mia Thermopolis- The Queen of Genovia!

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