We, humans, are also termed as “SOCIAL BEINGS”. We love interacting and being a part of anything around us. If we aren’t a part of something, we usually suffer from a feeling also called “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out).  It has become a platform that is not only used to connect and interact but also to bond with people. People prefer to connect on social media apps and sites rather than face-to-face or handshakes. Below, I will be sharing a list of the top social media networking sites which are being used.



LinkedIn is one of the most used professional social networking platforms. It is used by people all across the globe to connect. Unlike Instagram or Facebook which is more casual and relaxed, it is like a digital resume and used mostly for career-building. You can connect with businessmen, hire candidates, apply for jobs, and much more.



One of the largest networking sites in the world and one of the first ones to come before Instagram or Snapchat. While a lot of Teens, Gen Z or Millennials have shifted to Instagram, Facebook is still being used. It is widely used by Generation X to connect and interact compared to youngsters whose usage has declined. Apart from connecting, it is also used for selling online or promoting businesses.



A famous microblogging and social networking site used to interact with people through messages called “tweets”. It allows you to post, like, and retweet. It is widely used to share your views, know other’s views, and stay updated about everything happening.



 A platform not only to entertain but also to learn, grasp, or run a business. Youtube is considered an all-rounder when you wanna get to know anything or even start something new. A platform which is now famous for videos posted by Bloggers, Vloggers is also being used to promote businesses and create a following there.



An app that is highly recommended for those who love to read and write. From writing your pieces or reading others you have the chance to engage with the community on it as well. 

Several features to add that perfect spice to your piece include adding photos, videos, or even GIFs. To engage in with the community you can comment or even clap to show appreciation. A very good opportunity to build a community with writers, authors, and engage in storytelling. Along with providing all these features what sets it apart is its minimalistic aesthetic!



An ecosystem to connect with people in real-time using photos, videos Instagram has become one of top social media networking sites. It has set an example to build a virtual community. The amazing features it offers like IGTV or even LIVE help people be a part of anything sitting at home. A highly influential and visually pleasing platform that binds everyone as a whole makes it so popular and celebrated.



An instant cross-messaging platform, WhatsApp helps to connect with people through texts. Apart from a text, you can send audios, videos, GIF’S and group chat too making it so interactive. One of the highlighting features of it being that you can connect with people while on international trips. 



A hub of not only instant messaging but a powerhouse that connects businesses to consumers as well. It helps to do so much more than connecting like doing payments, e-commerce, blogs, etc. Just like an other messaging app, you can share videos, stickers, voice messages on it. You also have the option to share the location. One of the interesting features it offers is “MOMENTS” which is like a news feed or timeline where you share anything you wish too. Along with this one beneficial feature of WeChat is a “Translate feature” that allows you to communicate in your native language. 



 Skype is a visual platform connecting millions. It provides instant messaging, video chat and voice calls on it. It is also free of cost till the time both the users are using Skype as a means to get in touch and communicate. Being available on a computer, tablet, laptop, or phone makes it easily accessible. 



An effective, interactive, and engaging platform to connect with people virtually. It is already being used by so many people to connect with friends or family or even hold business meetings. Apart from this, it is also being used to hold webinars. In times like these, it has played a key role to connect people sitting anywhere in the world. For many not only has it helped in connecting but also allowed them to hold meetings to discuss their products or new launches etc. 



An online messaging app that works similarly to other messaging apps. It helps to connect with people and is being widely used. The reason for its popularity being the exchange of videos, photos, or files of any type smoothly! To make the chat more fun and engaging you can also use interactive GIFs. It is mostly used to create groups for discussions and meetings.



Reddit is a social sharing website that works by submitting links, pictures, or text that everyone can vote on. It is a pool of information that talks about any topic you could think of. A very good platform to educate yourself along with sharing your views. The most voted content stays on the top while the one which is least voted becomes less visible.

So, It is also a good source of getting feedback on how much your content was liked or voted. Using this data you can work on your next content piece keeping those points in mind. 



A part blogging and part social networking site, Tumblr is used to write blogs and create content. Somewhat similar to other blogging sites like WordPress it helps users post their content, pictures, thoughts on a single location.



Pinterest is a visual platform used to take inspiration for anything and everything. You can search for ideas related to fashion, trends, décor, food, and much more. The option to create boards makes it more organized. Using boards with each specific heading you can save your inspiration within that board. You also have the option to download anything you like. It is a one-stop destination that is used by many to get inspired and create something of their own!

So, Here is a list of all the social media networking sites which are on the trending list. Which are the ones you use most frequently ?

Last Update: June 4, 2020