Life isn’t perfect as it seems it looks. It is a delight to see the life of beautiful rich people as it looks so perfect from the outside but when it is seen nearby, reveals the darkest side of their happy world. 

The new series on HBO ‘The Undoing’ adapted from the novel, about rich women whose lives unravel in front of the world.

After the huge success of Big Little Lies, the award-winning creator David E. Kelley and actor Nicole Kidman are back with an interesting new psychological thriller series on the same platform HBO.

The Undoing directed by award-winning director Susanne Bier released on October 25, 2020. It’s based on the novel “You Should Have Known “by Jean Hanff Korelitz in 2014. The Undoing stars Kidman and Hugh Grant in the lead role.

The story focus on Grace Fraser plays Nicole Kidman who is living their dream life. But her beautiful life shattered when she comes across unfortunate events and a shocking revelation that becomes public interest on the eve of publishing her first book.

The Undoing is a miniseries consists of only six episodes. The first, “The Undoing,” aired last night, and a new installment of the drama every week. 

Join Grace Fraser on thriller series of episode 1 streaming on HBO Max. 

What is the plot of the series The Undoing? 

The story of the successful therapist Grace Fraser married successful pediatric oncologist Jonathan and son Henry who sent to an elite private school in New York City. They are high profile couple and lived a luxurious life.

They owned a big mansion in Manhattan, New York City, apartment in Upper East Side. Their life is just perfect the way they ever wanted for themselves.

On the eve of publishing her first book, her perfect life devastating with the tragic death, mysterious disappearance of her husband, and some horrendous and shocking revelations of her life. Her life is falling upside down when her life becomes public interest.

To survive and deal with the disaster that becomes public interest, she pushed herself to protect her son and created another new life for her son. 

The Undoing is a psychological miniseries that go to great lengths to give the wider picture of the struggle, agony, depression, failure, moral breakdown, low self-esteem of rich people especially when they are being toppled from their royalty.

The Undoing is an addictive mystery with a gripping storyline, thrilling. Being layered by top-notch characters and brings cliffhanger twists in each episode, put you on edge of the seat.

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What are the characters of the series? 

The Undoing has talented and finest actors who stand out in the series with their outstanding performances. 

The Big Little Lies finest actress Nicole Kidman is back as Grace Fraser who is a successful therapist and living the perfect life she ever wanted.

But her life took a mishappening turn when she encounters some shocking revelation. 

Hugh plays Grace’s husband Jonathan, a pediatric oncologist whose sudden disappearance brings a tragic turn in the life of his wife.

He is a brilliant actor who appeared in Music and Lyrics in 2007 and The Gentlemen in 2019.

Donald Sutherland plays Grace’s father Franklin Reinhardt. He is a rich wealthy man. Donald appeared in The Hunger Games and The Leisure Seeker.

Noah Jupe plays the role of Grace’s son Henry. He is the child artist who appeared in the television series The Night Manager, the dark comedy film Suburbicon. 

Edgar Ramirez as Detective Joe Mendoza and Michael Devine as Detective Paul O’Rourke. Both played as a detective who is trying to solve the mystery of shocking murder.

They both are brilliant actors who appeared in many movies and series. 

Lily Rabe is Sylvia Steineitz, Grace’s close friend and lover of gossip. She appeared in fractured in 2019.

Ismael Cruz Cordova is Fernando who is Elena’s husband and a dedicated father. He appeared in Miss Bala in 2019.

Fala Chen plays as Jolene McCall. She is a well-known actor famous for her roles in Turning Point, and Despicable Me 3. 

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Where to watch the series The Undoing? 

The Undoing is an HBO original production. Streaming first episodes on HBO Max with an active subscription. The new installment of drama is available for a watch every week. 

There are more ways to access HBO and The Undoing, too — you can also stream the series if you have an HBO add-on through YouTube TV, Hulu, Prime Video, or the Roku Channel.

The subscription plan is currently $14.99per month plus applicable taxes.

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Last Update: October 28, 2020