Every year, hundreds of movies are released in theatres and various online streaming platforms.

However, several movies are difficult to watch with kids and family members. But “The Velveteen Rabbit” is an exception.

It is a kids-centric movie that contains a beautiful message in it. This new 2023 movie storyline activates various emotions while watching the movie.

You feel the character and smile when the character smiles and feels sad when the character is sad.

It leaves a strong impact on your mind and soul. To know about the storyline, and characters and watch online details, check the blog below.

The Velveteen Rabbit: Brief Introduction

The new movie is the story of a small 7-year-old boy named William. William is sad because he is leaving his old house, friends, and school.

Although he is moving to a new place, but the sadness remains in his heart.

When William reached the new house, he loved the place. He explores the place but he is still sad because he is unable to communicate with the other children who are playing outside.

His loneliness increases day by day till he meets his new friend. On Christmas day, William receives a toy rabbit and he just loves the gift.

He plays with the stuffed toy and as time passes his sadness decreases. In the night, when William kept the rabbit in the playroom, the rabbit spring to live like other toys.

William’s other toys feel jealous of the rabbit, especially a metal car. She always told him that he was unreal and William did not like him.

One day William is suffering from fever. The same problem, due to which his uncle died. Every toy told the rabbit that if he played William this time then he would die. But Rabbit still plays with William.

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What happened at the end of the movie?

After William recovers, the things he is using like bedsheets are burned and the toy rabbit is also buried.

William and the rabbit both feel sad and the rabbit wants to play again with William. Due to his sacrifice, a fairy helps the rabbit and one day William finds a real rabbit in his garden.

William feels happier. But the rabbit encourages William to play with other children. After some time, William gains confidence and starts talking and playing with other children.

Rabbit always says every end, brings a new start. This is the new start of William’s life.

What message does the Velveteen Rabbit contain?

First and the most important message is, that if something happens wrong in your life then never feel sad because happiness comes after sadness.

Second, like the rabbit, a person should never give up in life due to another person’s jealousy. Because it hurts himself, not the others.

Where to watch and download the cute 2023 movie?

The new 2023 kid movie will be released on November 22, 2023, on your favorite streaming channel Apple TV+.

If you have its subscription then start streaming the movie now. Otherwise, purchase its subscription at easily affordable prices.

Its monthly plan costs $9.99 per month, after 7 days free trial.

If you buy any Apple device then Apple TV+ subscription is provided free for 3 months.

The Velveteen Rabbit: Cast

Based on the classic book of the same name by Margery Williams, the directors of the movie are Jennifer Perrott and Rick Thiele.

The star cast of the movie includes Phoenix Laroche who is playing the role of William, Samantha Colley as Mother of William, Leonard Buckley as William’s father, and others.

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