The Voyeurs on Amazon is a Gen Z-centric adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, a film that millennials had attempted to reimagine with Disturbia in 2007. While that film did an outstanding job of conveying the anxiety that defined an entire generation. The Voyeurs’ sensual stylings and slightly trashy European vibe keep it from being more than what it is — a sub-par morality story about mass dependence on technology.

Therefore, the Voyeurs is an American erotic thriller film released in 2021. However, the Voyeurs has a 35% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 20 reviews, with a 5.6/10 average rating. The film has a weighted average score of 54 out of 100 on Metacritic, based on 9 critics, indicating mixed or mediocre reviews. Therefore, Continue reading this blog to the end for more information about this film.

Review Of The Voyeurs

Pippa and Thomas (Sweeney and Smith) are a young couple in Montreal. Who move into their first apartment together in The Voyeurs. They want to enjoy the rest of their twenties by having fun, appreciating their love. Moreover, they want to pursue their individual careers before becoming more responsible adults with marriage and possibly children. Pippa and Thomas adore each other, but Pippa appears to crave a little more spice in their relationship. Therefore, she is young and lovely, and she seemed to be disappointed that she did not have her own crazy college experiences. Her insatiable thirst may be satisfied, though, when she and Thomas find that their wide curtainless windows allow them to see into the homes of their neighbors. They also have enormous windows with curtains that remain open all the time.

Mohan put together quite a crew to pull off a fantastic job with this film’s execution. Therefore, the Voyeurs truly hits into that addictive yearning to watch someone. Sweeney and Smith, as well as Natasha Liu Bordizzo and Ben Hardy, are excellent in their respective parts. However, Sweeney and Smith lend a feeling of guilelessness to their portrayals. However, making the audience sympathetic to these supposedly straight-laced people in search of adventure. Bordizzo and Hardy, on the other hand, play seductive and alluring neighbors who demand to be seen. Therefore, Sweeney and Smith are exactly what this film requires. However, as their separate fanbases from their HBO programs Euphoria and Generation are precisely who this film will appeal to. Bordizzo and Hardy will most likely find a larger respective audience. As a result of this, which should bring more attention to their work and, quite frankly, their immense talent.

Therefore, the entire cast commits to the tale in a way that it merits and each performance is intimately aware of the essence of the plot. While presenting characters who are significantly more depth than they appear at first. Bordizzo, in particular, is deserving of recognition because she is genuinely wonderful as the spied-on neighbor.

Trailer of The Voyeurs

The release date, timing, and other facts of Movie

  • Release Date (Streaming): September 10, 2021nited States)
  • Genres: Horror | Thriller
  • Directed by: Michael Mohan
  • Produced by: Greg Gilreath, Adam Hendricks
  • Written by: Michael Mohan
  • Original Language: English
  • Running Time: 116 minutes
  • Streaming: Amazon Prime
  • IMDb Ratings: 5.7/10

The Main Cast

Here is the rundown of the main cast in The Voyeurs movie.

  • Sydney Sweeney as Pippa
  • Justice Smith as Thomas
  • Ben Hardy as Seb
  • Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Julia
  • Katharine King So as Ari
  • Cameo Adele as Joni
  • Jean Yoon as Doctor Sato

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You’ve been hearing a lot about the film The Voyeurs lately. Therefore, you’ve seen the trailer, read the reviews, digested the plot, and are ready to watch the film on an Amazon Prime website. The Voyeurs accomplishes its goals. It’s sexy, ridiculous, and really messy. However, Mohan gives a modern take that shows how to appropriately pay homage to a massively underappreciated and joked at the genre for those who flourished in the era of Basic Instinct, Bound, Wild Things, and Body Double. It will appeal to those in their twenties, although older viewers will like it as well and The Voyeurs is a visually stunning sensual thriller that demands to be seen. As a result, please let me know in the comments section how much you enjoyed the review.