Coronavirus has taken a major toll on not only the world but the lifestyle of individuals as a whole. Not being able to go out and just sitting back to wait on to when we will have the freedom to stroll around creates a lot of anxiety and unwanted unrest. This has resulting in many us of worrying about how to active and healthy during this time.

So, below are a few tips of how to stay sane and fit during this unprecedented time:


Assortment of fruits and vegetables

A balanced, healthy and nutritious diet keeps you fresh, lively, and energetic. During this time it can play a key role in keeping your body levels normal. Also, in this time when the supplies are scarce you must be wondering how to maintain a diet chart but what is required is not a diet routine but making sure that whatever you eat or is in your platter contributes to easing, relaxing, and nourishing you. A balanced diet results in a healthy and actively conditioning body.


The more emphasis on this the less it will be. Exercise has a lot of potential to boost our mental and physical health. Instead of considering these exercises as a chore of burden using it as a source to energize and rejuvenate should be the aim. With COVID-19, going to the gym has been restricted but we can take advantage of so many virtual classes that gyms have come up with and make use of it. Being a part of these classes would not only be a motivator to workout but also result in a physically fit body.

Step by Step Burpee’s

Also, there are soo many exercises that don’t require any equipment to work out like squats, burpees, sit-ups, planks  so all these can be done and are as effective as the exercises with equipment’s are.

Woman doing a plank
Woman doing a Bodyweight Squat


Woman meditating peacefully

Sometimes the sweat and heat that an exercise routine can provide to your body is not what you need. You look forward to relaxing and soothing your mind, body, and soul so during that time doing mediation can play an active role. It can also help you escape from the tensions, unrest, and struggles the world is facing taking you somewhere quiet and peaceful for a while that can be highly exhilarating.


A man playing the Drums

Music is another source of entertainment apart from movies that can lighten & brighten the dull moments of your life. Play songs according to the mood and vibe you are feeling be it a beat song that can enhance your workout or a slow song that brings ease and releases all your tensions.  


A routine is a must to start the day

Creating a routine is also very essential especially during this time when you feel sluggish & everything seems out of control. Routine helps you get in control because you know what you want to do next or look forward to doing. A routine can also include any activity be it gardening, walking, cooking, or even washing the dishes. A routine should aim to make you feel productive!


Importance of Good sleep

Good and sound sleep is also crucial during this time when we are being constantly bombarded with news, articles, various sad stories, and images. A peaceful sleep takes you away from all this and provides energy to your entire body & mind to face the next day.


Importance of Staying Hydrating

Staying hydrated is also essential because it helps to regulate the body temperatures, provide nutrients to your cells, keep the joints moving and ensure proper functioning of your body. It also helps to flush out all the excessive and unwanted bacteria from the body.

So, coupling it if we try to incorporate all this in our day to day life it will help us get through this tough time in a much better, easier, productive, healthier and smoother way.

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Last Update: May 15, 2020