Fighting with germs is a daily war for all human being. We take preventive actions almost every minute to stay away from germs and stay healthy like using toilet seat cover.

The actions that are most likely taken to avoid germs is by washing our hands before and after eating, using personal towel, and using toilet seats cover.

Every individual has to use the toilet three or more times per day and they may use it in work, public places and in someone’s home.

Now using toilet seat cover is a mean to protect our bare behinds from these little evil creatures. People have been using these covers for a long time now thinking that using these toilet seat covers are protecting them.

People thought that toilet seat covers provide a sanitary between our skin and the dirty seats and protect us against germs..

toilet paper

Recently the researchers found out that these toilet seat covers are not protecting us as we thought for a long time.

Toilet seats are actually absorbents and absorb bacteria, which mean that bacteria are living in the small spaces of toilet seat.

The shocking news is that Dr. William Schaffner, a professor of preventive medicine stated that ” There’s no real evidence that toilet-seat covers can prevent illness and transmission of disease”

The toilet seat plastic covers or even the tissues are porous, this means that germs and bacteria can easily pass through them. In matter of fact using these covers is making things worse as it increase the surface area for bacteria and germs to multiply on it.

Using more than one layer of seats cover or toilet paper may be more protective but there is no prove to that statement.

Shocking news that it’s unlikely for us to catch germs while using bare toilet seats, so there is no meaning in using them.

So now after knowing that it’s better to not use toilet seat covers will you still use it or not?

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Last Update: March 26, 2019