There are hundreds of movies and television show releases every day and we love to watch and download them. But due to limited video streaming channel subscriptions and limited money we are unable to watch all of them in mobile phones, laptops, and theatres.

To solve this problem for you, here we mention the list of top 10 iOS Apps of February 2020 where you watch free movies in HD. Now enjoy and watch movies on your iPhone with a good internet connection and the apps mentioned below.

1. Movie HD

Movie HD as its name shows is the best iPhone app to watch free movies and television shows in high HD quality in February 2020. 

It is the perfect application with hundreds and thousands of movies of various genres along with other details.

2. Bobby Movie

Hassle-free and best iPhone app for free movies to watch and download is Bobby Movie. With a high-quality library, it offers thousands of movies and TV shows which is easy and quick to access.

The best part of this streaming app is that it offers all the latest and old movies in HD quality every time, everywhere.

3. Google Play Movies & TV

A fully legal and best iOS app to buy and rent a variety of movies is Google Play Movies & TV. It keeps you update about the latest information and also allow rent or download movies free by downloading the Google Reward app.

Ios apps for free movies

The app also provides you regular surveys and when you complete them, you will be awarded some points, which you can use to watch movies or shows.

4. Teatv

Teatv is the latest application to watch Free Movies and television shows in HD free. It is compatible with various devices such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

It keeps track of the movies you own and also offers the latest trailers, reviews, and details of the movies and shows at no cost.

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