Voot Select original seriesAsur” is the biggest hit of 2020. The complete blend of crime, mystery, and thriller, the new series touches various themes deeply rooted within the Indian mythologies and presents a common perception of asuras, devas, the social structure and conflict between them, vices and virtues, justice and injustice, moral flexibilities, karma, etc.

The iconic series focus on show two opposing worlds against each other. It’s center on two forensic experts who trap in a cat and mouse game with a serial killer, who kills for his belief. The series contains a unique storyline and characters.

After streaming this superb drama, you have some free time, until its second part release. Spend that precious time in watching some popular web series like Asur, which we mention below.

1. Fargo

Noah Hawley has written and created crime thriller anthology series “Fargo” is inspired by the eponymous 1996 movie, directed by Coen brothers.

Set in a different era and presenting the different stories, the series shows various tales of deception, intrigue, and murder that take place in and around frozen Minnesota. The stories mysteriously lead one way to another to Fargo, North Dakota.

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2. Truth be told

Truth be told is a crime-mystery series of Apple TV+ created by Nichelle Tramble Spellman. The series based on Kathleen Barber’s novel “Are you Sleeping”.

The episodes of the 2019 series focused on Poppy Parnell, an investigative reporter behind a hit true-crime podcast. She is called to investigate the case of convicted killer Warren Cave, a man she painted as the murderer of the father of identical twins.

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3. Wisting

The Norwegian police procedural crime thriller series “Wisting” is the costly television drama produced in Norway.

The story of the interesting 2019 series shows a body of a man which is discovered from the snow, under a tree in a Christmas tree farm near Larvik Norway. Sven Nordin as widower William Wisting investigates the case with his experienced team of detectives.

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4. Mindhunter

Adaptation of the true-crime book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite serial crime unit, Mindhunter is the best American crime and psychological thriller drama created by Joe Penhall.

The story centers on two FBI agents name Holden Ford and Bill Tench and a Psychologist, Wendy Carr who in a new FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit understand the behavior of criminals (how they think and react) and implement that knowledge o information in solving the ongoing cases.

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5. The Stranger

The Stranger is a British mystery thriller miniseries written by Danny Brocklehurst. It is based on Harlan Coben’s novel of the same name.

Netflix’s original series follows Adam Price (Richard Armitage) who on a desperate journey to discover the truth behind an unknown stranger that reveals his wife’s deepest secret. The series consistently build suspense via unpredictable connections and insurmountable questions.

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6. The Bridge

The Bridge is also known as Broen/ Bron is a combination of crime, mystery, and thriller created and written by Hans Rosenfeldt.

The first season of the series starts with a body that is discovered on the bridge between Denmark and Sweden, right on the border. It forces Saga Noren, Malmo homicide detective and Martin Rohde, Copenhagen detective, to work together to uncover the killer behind this mysterious murder.

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7. The Outsider

Best HBO show of 2020 “The Outsider” created by Richard Price. It is an adaptation of Stephan King’s novel “The Outsider”.

The story of the popular crime mystery focuses on star Ben Mendelsohn as detective Ralph Anderson, who investigate the horrified murder case of a young boy, whose shredded body is found in the woods. TV Series Like The Outsider

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8. Carnival Row

Mystery-thriller Amazon Prime’s original series “Carnival Row” shows a fantasy-filled set in neo Vatican City and tension between mythical creatures and the growing immigrant population.

The story of the drama shows the series of unsolved murder investigations. The city’s peace collapses when a series of murders reveals a monster beyond the imagination of anyone. The episodes show the unrest between supernatural creatures and humans with romance as the backbone of the series.

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9. The Missing

Written by Harry and Jack Williams, The Missing is the British anthology crime mystery drama available on Amazon Prime to watch online and download.

The two-season and sixteen-episode series show a young couple Emily and Oliver, who travel from the United Kingdom to Northern France for holiday with their five-year-old son Oliver. But as they enter France, their car breaks down and they spend the night in a fictional small town. In the evening, the couple with their son visited the bar, where they start watching a football match and lost sight of their son, who goes missing.

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10. Killing Eve

The top-rated thriller drama series “Killing Eve” has completed a journey of three seasons and seventeen episodes. Just like Asur, the series based on Luke Jennings, Villanelle’s novel series.

It is the story of two different personalities, one of whom is a whip-smart security service operative and the other one is the talented killer, who led a luxurious life. These two women life linked to each other in such a way that it becomes an epic game of cat and mouse, typically showing the spy-action thriller.

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