Rom com movies are almost everyone’s favorite movie genres. Many hit rom com movies have already released this year and it would be a waste if you have not watched them yet.

Top rom com movies of 2022

Rom com movies release almost everyday all around the world. So, it can be sometimes hard to choose a good one for you to watch and not cringe at it. Given below are the top 10 must watch rom com movies of 2022 so far:

1. Marry Me

How would it feel to know that you are being cheated in moments before your marriage? Marry Me, the top one in the list of 2022 rom com movies tells the story of pop star Kat Valdez ( played by Jennifer Lopez) who finds out moments before her marriage with her fiance on a huge stage. Kat’s Valdez is also as popular as the pop star. The betrayed Kat makes an impromptu proposal to the humble dad (Owen Wilson) she spots in the audience. Watch Marry Me on Apple Tv to find out how this story started on betrayal goes on.

Marry me poster

2. Moonshot


The second movie in the list of most loved rom com movies of 2022 is Moonshot. Lana Condor plays the role of Sophie in the movie is in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend. Well long distance relationship stories are common so what makes Moonshot worth watching? The twist in this rom com movie is that her boyfriend works on Mars! Watch Moonshot at Amazon prime to see how a carefree barista named Walt (Cole Sprouse) helps Sophie to climb onto the spaceship to meet her boyfriend. It is a fun story showing what happens during Sophie’s 35-day voyage to see her boyfriend.

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3. The Royal Treatment

The royal treatment

Izzy, a hairstylist from New York, seizes the opportunity to work at a charming prince’s wedding. As the wedding date approaches, love and responsibility are tested when chemistry begins to develop between the two of them. Watch one of the most loved rom com movies of 2022, The Royal Treatment to see how things take a turn for Izzy and her prince charming as his wedding approaches. You can watch it on Netflix.

4. The Sky is Everywhere

The Sky is Everywhere

Lennie Walker is a bright musical genius who lives in Northern California among redwood trees and is surrounded by her grandma’s rose. She is dealing with a great deal of sadness after the tragic death of her beloved elder sister, Bailey. Following her sister’s death she drifts so far away in her sorrow that she even gives up on music. Watch The Sky is Everywhere on Apple Tv to see how her newly found crush brings hope in her life and her music.

5. I Want You Back
I want you back

Emma and Peter are complete strangers. They both discover that they were both abandoned on the exact same weekend when they first met. When they notice that  their ex-partners have happily gone on to new relationships, their commiseration transforms into a goal. Watch one of the most loved rom com movies of 2022 to find out what awaits Emma and Peter as they comfort each other after their breakup. You can watch I Want You Back on Amazon Prime.

6. The Lost City
The lost city

Loretta Sage ia a reclusive author. She writes about exotic destinations in her popular adventure novels, which include an attractive cover model named Alan. Loretta and Alan are on tour to promote their most recent book in the hopes that she will show him the whereabouts of a lost treasure from an old city. She is kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire during the tour. Watch one of the best rom com movies of 2022, The Lost City on Amazon Prime to see how Alan saves her.

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7. My Fake Boyfriend
My fake boyfriend

Andrew has a serious issue: he is unable to distance himself from the nasty partner who recently dumped him. His intrusive pals decide to assist him by fabricating the ideal fictitious partner on social media, Cristiano. But things quickly get out of hand when Andrew meets his real-life dream partner and Cristiano becomes a global superstar. You can watch My Fake Boyfriend on Amazon Prime.

8. The Story of the Worst Person

The story of the worst person

The Story of the Worst Person depicts the story of Julie, a lady who resides in Oslo, as she struggles to realize various aspects of her life while overcoming obstacles in love, career, and self-realization. Watch this movie on the lists of top rom com movies of 2022 on Amazon Prime to see how she finally finds her real self after all she has gone through.

9. Crush


Does not Crush sounds like the perfect name for rom com movies? This movie tells the story of Paige. Paige fantasizes about getting accepted into CalArts’ summer program and ultimately proposing to her longtime crush, Gabby. She joins her high school’s running team in an effort to be closer to her crush. However, she starts to develop feelings for someone else. Watch Crush on Hulu to see how Paige deals with her crush- both new one and the old one.

10. Along for the ride

Along for the ride

Have yo ever wondered how it would be when two insomniacs met each other? This hit on the rom com movies list tells you the story of two insomniacs Auden and Eli. Auden encounters the intriguing Eli, another insomniac before starting college, in the summer. The duo go out on nightly missions to help Auden live the enjoyable, stress free life she never realized she desired while the beach town of Colby sleeps. Watch Along for the ride on Netflix to see the story of two insomniacs and their late night lives.

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Last Update: October 27, 2022