Dark Humor or black comedy is a type of comic style or the comic way that makes heavy subject or the subject which we talk less, light. A high level of Intelligence or understanding is required for such type of humor or comedy.

There are various movies and television available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and other streaming channels that make you laugh on the topics that are simply said. They present the scene or the things in such a way that you are unable to stop yourself from laughing.

So, during this lockdown watch the best Dark humor movies and TV series that make you mood light. Below we mention the list of best Dark humor or dark comedy movies and TV series.

Popular and Best Black Humor Movies

1. Peepli Live (2010)

Peepli Live is an Indian dark humor movie directed and written by Anusha Rizvi. The story of the movie focuses on the important issue of Indian society that is farmer suicides and the subsequent media and political response. 

2. Mary and Max (2009)

Animated dark comedy movie “Mary and Max” is written and directed by Adam Elliot. The story of the movie shows the long-distance relationship between two unmatched people, a forty-something obese man, and an eight-year-old girl, through letters. The movie receives Annecy International Animated Film Festival Cristal Award for Best feature.

3. In Burges (2008)

Martin McDonagh directed black humor movie “In Burges” star Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson in the lead role. Set in Bruges, Belgium, the story of the movie revolves around two hitmen Ray and Ken who after an unsuccessful mission get stuck in Belgium. The story takes twists when their boss ordered Ken to kill Ray.

4. Andhadhun (2018)

The black humor movie “Andhadhun” is one of the best Bollywood movies that you love to watch again and again. The story of this interesting and must-watch movie of 2018 is about a blind pianist whose life is changed by a series of mysterious events and he will report a crime that was never witnessed by him.

5. The Lobster (2015)

The Lobster is one best dark humor movie of 2015. It is an absurdist dystopian black comedy directed by Yorgos Lanthimos. It shows the dystopian near future, where single-person according to the law of the city is taken to the Hotel where they are forced to find a life partner within 45 days or else they are transformed into beasts and sent off into woods.

6. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)

Adaptation of Huge Wheeler’s and Stephen Sondheim’s award-winning 1979 musical of the same name, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is the best black comedy movie of 2007. The story of the movie focus on an English barber and serial killer who kills their customers with a straight razor and with the help of his partner cut the corpses into meat pies.

7. Hot Fuzz (2007)

The all-time best action-comedy movie Hot Fuzz is the result of the inspiration taken from a hundred action movies. Directed by Edgar Wright, the movie focuses on a high achieving officer of London Metropolitan Police Service PC Nicholas Angel, who is investigating a series of mysterious deaths in a West Country village.

8. Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Little Miss Sunshine as its name shows is a top-rated dark comedy movie that focuses on a Hoover family who decides to go on an 800-mile road trip in their yellow Volkswagen van. While Olive, the daughter of Richard and Sheryl, and the youngest member of the Hoover family want to takes part in a beauty pageant. The story takes a twist when they face various problems in their journey.

9. Thank you smoking (2005)

The top-rated name in the list of best humor comedy is “Thank you smoking”. Based on Christopher Buckley’s 1994 satirical novel of the same name, the story of the movie focuses on a cigarette business owner Nick Naylor, who on hand is very successful in life but on the other side, he unable to explain his work to his 12-year-old son.

10. Kick-Ass (2010)

The superhero black comedy movie of 2010 “Kick-Ass” is an adaptation of the comic book of the same name written by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. The story of the interesting movie shows a teenage boy Dave Lizewski (Aaron Jonson) of New York who decides to don a costume to save the people from crime. He calls himself a “Kick-Ass”. The movie stars various characters such as Aaron Jonson, Nicolas Cage, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and others.

11. Logan Lucky (2017)

Out of various good dark humor movies, “Logan Lucky” is the best. This funny heist film shows the story of Jimmy Logan who after fired from Charlotte Motor Speedway convinces her brother and sister to rob it during a NASCAR Race. But they need the help of Joe Bang, a convicted safe-cracker. Steven Soderbergh, the director of Logan Lucky has an interesting sense of humor among all the famous Hollywood directors.

12. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

Another popular name in the category of Dark humor movies is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Based on Brett Halliday’s novel Bodies are where you find them, the story of the movie focuses on a thief who pretends to be an actor. At a Hollywood party, an openly gay investigator hired him on the job experience for his role. He gets involved in a murder investigation in Hollywood. The movie stars Robert Downey Jr, Val Kilmer, Michelle Monaghan, Corbin Bernsen and various others.

13. Six Shooter (2004)

One of the best dark humor movies “Six Shooter” is directed by Martin McDonough. It is the story of an older man Donnelly whose wife died by the shot of her son. The man in the sad train journey encounters a strange and possibly psychotic young oddball. 

14. Shaun of the Dead (2004)

The best dark humor movie “Shaun of the Dead” is the story of a salesman Shaun whose life has no aim. But his life takes a twisted and interesting turn when he alone handles an entire community of zombies. If you are a fan of horror dark humor then this movie is specially produced for you.

15. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is a black comedy movie directed by Martin McDonagh. The story of the movie revolves around Mildred Hayes, a mother who hires three billboards to give attention to her teenage daughter Angela, unsolved rape and murder case.

Best Black Humor Television Series

16. The Good Place (2016-2020)

NBC’s fantasy comedy series “The Good Place” won the most recognized award “Peabody Award” in 2019. The black humor series follows the concept of the neighborhood. It shows a deceased saleswoman Eleanor who lives a corrupt life. In the case of mistaken identity, she finds herself in heaven like the afterlife and tries her best to stay there.

17. Lady Dynamite (2016- 2017)

Lady Dynamite is the top-rated dark comedy television series, created by Pam Brady and Mitch Hurwitz. The series based on the life of comedian and actor Maria Bamford. The story shows her efforts to rebuild her life from scratch after recovering from bipolar disorder. The flashbacks show her relationship with her friends, family, and others.

18. Man Seeking Woman (2015- 2017)

Out of various dark humor series, Man Seeking Woman is the best. Set in Chicago, the series shows a young boy, Josh Greenberg who finds difficulty in searching for a new love, after a breakup with long term girlfriend Maggie. The three-season and thirty episodes series are created by Simon Rich.

19. Dead to Me (2019- Present)

Dead to me is interesting dark humor that series shows the bond between two grieving women with an interesting shocking secret. The popular and top-rated series shows the unseen and amazing bond between a widow and a free spirit. With new dynamics of Judy and Jen friendship, the show returns with its second season on Netflix.

20. Barry (2018- Present)

The hit name in the list of Black humor series is Barry. It focuses on Barry Blockman, an assassin from the Midwest during his mission in Los Angeles stumbles upon a community of actor-led by Gene, who welcomes him in. Now the twist in the series arises when Barry has to manage the balance between his dark dangerous assassin work with his acting work with Gene and potential love interest Sally.

21. Rick and Morty (2013- Present)

The animated black comedy series “Ricky and Morty” focuses on the adventures of a super scientist and his not so good 14-year old grandson. Both of them together explore the infinite universe, causing mayhem and running into troubles. It is an interesting series to watch with friends and family.

22. Silicon Valley (2014-2019)

The black comedy series of 2014, Silicon Valley shows the struggle of a Silicon Valley engineer named Richard Hendricks who tries to develop his own company with the name “Pied Piper”. Silicon Valley has a great cast of characters including Thomas Middleditch, T.J. Miller, Josh Brener, and others.

23. Better Call Saul (2015- Present)

The prequel of Breaking Bad series, Better Call Saul is an American black humor television series created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould. It shows the trials and tribulations of criminal lawyer, Jimmy McGill (James Morgan), in the time leading up to establishing his strip-mall law office in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

24. South Park (1997- Present)

Trey Parker and Matt Stone created animated dark comedy series “South Park” which is an interesting show on Amazon Prime Video. It is the story of the four young school-going boys who live in South Park set out for various adventures. South Park is the oldest show that is liked by the audience to date.

25. Archer (2009- Present)

The black humor television series is the story of a Sterling Archer, a suave international spy, and his mother. Both of them deal with personal and professional issues. Due to the global crisis, the spy company runs by Archer’s mother deals with the problem of betraying and confusion among its employees. On the other hand, Archer is also dealing with her girlfriend and her new boyfriend as well as Malory’s lovesick secretary, Cheryl.

26. Shameless (2011- Present) 

The top-rated black comedy television series “Shameless” shows various ups and downs face by Iris American family. The story show how Gallagher’s six grows and learns with what little they have. Created by Paul Abbott and John Wells, the series completed a total of ten seasons and one hundred and twenty-two episodes.

27. Arrested development (2003- Present)

Arrested Development, black humor TV series deals with the dysfunctional Bluth family where members have some serious issues around them. Level-headed son Michael Bluth takes over family affairs after his father is imprisoned. He tries to keep the family floating with his level-headed nature but everything around him is crumbling down. Arrested Development cast includes Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Portia de Rossi, and others.

28. Curb your enthusiasm (2000- Present)

Created by Larry David, Curb your enthusiasm is the old and best dark humor television series. With all good things: a successful career, a happy family, good friends, Curb your enthusiasm shows the difficult and embarrassing time faced by Larry David. It is available on HBO to watch and download.

29. The IT Crowd (2006- 2013)

Set in the offices of the fictional Reynholm Industries, The IT Crowd center around the three important persons of IT department such as coding genius Maurice Moss (Richard Ayoade), work-shy Roy Trenneman (Chris O’Dowd), and Jen Barber (Katherine Parkinson). The twist in the popular dark humor web series occurs when they come to know that the head of their department does not have any knowledge related to Information Technology.

30. Breaking Bad (2008- 2013)

The best dark humor crime series “Breaking Bad” focuses on underemployed and stage-3 lung cancer patient or chemistry teacher, who with his student joins the world of crime by selling crystallized methamphetamine to secure his family’s future. The series completed a journey of five seasons and sixty-two episodes.

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