Amazon Prime Video is a library of various good movies and television shows. Here, we list out all the best and popular web shows available on online streaming channel Prime Video to watch online and download.

41. The Girlfriend Experience

American Anthology legal thriller web series “The Girlfriend Experience” is created and written by Logan Kerrigan and Amy Seimetz, and it is available to watch online and download on Amazon Prime Video.

The first season of the series shows a law class student who manages his law firm fees and other expenses by working as a high-end escort. The second season of the series shows two parallel stories, out of which, one is set in Washington DC and focus on midterm elections and the second set in New Mexico and focus on the high-end escort.

40. Hap and Leonard

Adaptation of the series of the novel of the same name, Hap and Leonard is a mystery crime series created by Joe R. Lansdale.

The three-season and eighteen episodes completed series star James Purefoy as Hap Collins, a white working-class laborer who spent a long time in federal prison for refusing to be drafted into the military and serve in the Vietnam War.

39. 21 Jump Street

Patrick Hasburgh and Stephen J. Cannell created police procedural series “21 Jump Street” is the story of the squad of youthful uncover police officers who are investigating crimes in various teenage places such as High schools, Colleges, etc.

It is a complete five seasons and one hundred and three episodes series which is liked and appreciated by the audience.

38. Tokyo Girl

Amazon Prime video original and interesting Japanese television series “Tokyo Girl” is written by Hisako Kurosawa.

The cutest show follows a girl’s life from age 18 to age 45. Every single episode covers the journey of her life. The title of every episode is the name of the neighborhoods of Tokyo, where she lives at some point in her life.

37. Causal

Causal, one of the interesting comedy series of 2015 focuses on a newly divorced single mother and a successful therapist Valeria who lives with her brother Alex, the founder of popular dating website Snooger and her teenage daughter Laura. 

36. The Pacific

HBO’s original war drama “The Pacific” focuses on the United States Marine Corps ’ actions in the Pacific Theatre of Operations within the wider Pacific War.

The ten-episode miniseries depicts the experience of three Marines who were indifferent regiments of the First Marine Division.

35. Shameless

John Wells developed comedy-drama TV series center on the life of the poor, dysfunctional family Frank Gallagher played by William H. Macy.

He is a single father raising six children. Frank does nothing all day except drink, sleep around with woman and cheats the state welfare system, while his six children learn to care for themselves.

34. Hand of God

Award-winning actor Ren Perlman starring series “Hand of God” is the story of a corrupt judge who suffers a breakdown and believes God is forcing him onto a path of vigilante justice. He becomes a born-again Christian and joins an evangelical church, Hand of God.

33. All or Nothing: Manchester City

Amazon Prime’s original sports reality television series “All or Nothing: Manchester City” give insight look on one of the most historic club in international soccer, Manchester City. The show gives the audience a look at an entire Premier League season for the team.

32. The Detour

Jason Jones and Samantha Bee created comedy television series “The Detour” which is the story of a family who drives from home for the family vacation. Their trip is spoiled by various delays such as car trouble, unforeseen medical mishaps, run-ins with law enforcement and various others.

31. The Missing

Written by Harry and Jack Williams, The Missing is the British anthology drama available on Amazon Prime to watch online and download.

The two-season and sixteen-episode series show a young couple Emily and Oliver, who travel from the United Kingdom to Northern France for holiday with their five-year-old son Oliver. But as they enter France, their car breaks down and they spend the night in a fictional small town. In the evening, the couple with their son visited the bar, where they start watching a football match and lost sight of their son, who goes missing.

30. Life

Two seasons and thirty-two episodes of interesting television series “Life” is a crime drama series created by Rand Ravich.

The mysterious series show a former police officer who joined the force once again after having been wrongly imprisoned for years.

29. Le Mans: Racing is everything

The popular television series of 2017 “Le Mans: Racing is everything” is taking place in France every year. The interesting series follows the endurance test for drivers and cars that take twenty-four hours to complete.

28. Anger Management

Anger Management is a comedy sitcom premiered on FX in 2012. Based on the 2003 movie of the same name, the series two seasons show an anger management therapist, Charlie who tries to maintain the balance between his professional and personal life. He gives time to his patients and family, comprising his ex-wife and daughter time.

27. Dynasties

Sir David Attenborough, top-rated 2018 documentary “Dynasties” is available on Amazon Prime Video to watch online and download. The interesting series follows a journey related to some most dangerous animals on the planet.

26. If I were an Animal

If I were an Animal is a TV program that focuses on two curious kids Emma and her big brother Tim who observes different animals when they make their way through various life milestones, from birth to adulthood.

25. Murder in the First

Murder in the First is a detective drama television series available to watch online and download on Amazon Prime Video.

Steven Bochco and Eric Lodal created series show two detectives who investigate criminal cases to bring the culprits and provide justice to the victims.

24. Ray Donovan

Started in 2013, Ray Donovan is a crime drama television series of Showtime created by Ann Biderman. The series show Ray Donovan who works as a mediator in a law firm and handles celebrity and wealth clients. Although he is an expert in solving other problems, he is trapped in her issues.

23. Rush

Set in Melbourne, Victoria, Rush is an Australian television series first premiered on Network Ten and available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

Created by Jonathan Levine and written by Levine, Gina Matthews, and Grant Scharbo, the four-season, and seventy episodes television drama series focuses on the members of a Police Tactical Response team.

22. Heroes

Four seasons completed, NBC original series is a science-fiction serial television series, created by Tim Kring.

The top-rated series focuses on some ordinary people who inexplicably get superhero or superhuman abilities and they use their superpowers to protect humanity from destruction and to prevent catastrophes.

21. Extant

American science-fiction series “Extant” focuses on Molly Woods, an astronaut, who come back home to her family inexplicably pregnant after thirteen months in outer space on a solo mission. The series has completed a total of two seasons and available on Prime Video to stream.

20. Danger Zone

Danger Zone is the talk show run by Arglit Boonyai, who visits the most dangerous places of the world and gives insights related to terrorism, foreign policy, democratic movements and the working of intelligence agencies.

19. The Crossing

ABC original television series “The Crossing” is a science-fiction show created by Jan Beattie and Dan Dworkin. The series specifically cover the “Lost” era when networks were clamoring to find a newer, shiner science-fiction mystery for viewers to obsess over.

It shows a group of survivors who wash up on the beach (and which also has a time-travel hook), does want to be that show, but it might not have the chops to survive long enough to build a following.

18. I Love Dick

Adaptation of Chris Kraus’s novel of the same name, I Love Dick is an original Amazon Prime series created by Jill Soloway and Sarah Gubbins.

Set in arty Texas town, the series focuses on a writer who becomes obsessed with the charm of husband’s (Frustrated filmmaker) colleague (professor) and creates an art project near him.

17. Bosch

An exclusive Amazon Prime television series “Bosch” is developed by Eric Overmyer. It is a detective fiction that stars Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch, the detective of the Los Angeles Police department who solves several murder cases in five seasons.

The first season of the interesting series shows how the detective of the Los Angeles Police department solves the murder mystery of a thirteen old boy while standing trial in federal court for the serial killer murder.

16. Parenthood

NBC’s original popular comedy family television series is developed by Jason Katims. The interesting series shows the story of the multigenerational Braverman family, who lives in California and faces challenges in raising children, marriages and supporting each other during tough times.

15. The Looming Tower

The historical drama stares on Jeff Daniels and Peter Sarsgaard the heads of CIA and FBI. The story traces the rising threat of Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda in the late 1990s and how the rivalry between the FBI and CIA during that time may have inadvertently set the path for the tragedy of 9/11.

The top-rated series follows members of the I-49 Squad in New York and Alec Station in Washington, D.C., the counter-terrorism divisions of the FBI and CIA, respectively, as they travel the world fighting for ownership of information while seemingly working toward the same goal – trying to prevent an imminent attack on U.S. soil.

14. Cloak Dagger

Clock Dagger is the story of two teenagers who after the collapse of an oil rig, gains superpowers. But along with that they also get trapped into trouble with a drug cartel. The series takes turns or things get complicated when they start liking each other.

13. Claws

TNT’s original comedy television series “Claws” has completed a journey of four seasons under the guidance of Eliot Laurence.

The series follows five hard-working manicurists who work in a Nail artisan’s salon in Florida. But things get changes when they enter the traditionally male world of organized crime and start laundering money from the neighboring pain clinic.

12. Major Crimes

James Duff created police procedural television series “Major Crimes” starring Mary McDonnell as the main officer of Major Crime Division. She is initially facing problems by other members of squad when she is appointed as the head of the division.

But later in the crime series, everything is sorted out and she also falls in love with her subordinate, Lt. Andy Flynn.

11. Grimm

NBC’s original horror fantasy police procedural web series “Grimm” has completed the journey of six seasons and one twenty-three episodes.

The series focuses on Nick Burkhardt, a detective who starts seeing the things that are evil things that nobody else can see. He soon realizes that he is a huntsman like his ancestors.

10. Luther

British crime drama television series “Luther” has received various Golden Awards and Emmy Awards in various categories.

The series focus on a dedicated Chief Inspector of the “Series and Serial unit”, John Luther, who paid a heavy price for his dedication. He is unable to protect himself from the darkness of crimes which he deals with.

9. 12 Monkeys

The best and top-rated science fiction series of 2013 “12 Monkeys” consist of a total of four interesting seasons.

The series shows James, a scavenger who time travel from 2043 to 2015 to prevent the infection of deadly plaque and to do so he faces the army of 12 monkeys who are releasing or spreading the virus.

8. The Boys

The Boys, an original superhero drama that fascinates audiences around the globe is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

It focuses on the team of ordinary but powerful people known as “The Boys” who decide to fight back against the powerful superhero who use their supernatural abilities in abusing or wrong things.

7. Six Dreams

The top-rated sports drama is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. The series shows impeccable insight into the Spanish first division of football. It shows six people during league season 2017-2018 and covers the daily difficulties, victories, and challenges faced by them.

6. Blue Bloods

CBS’s original police procedural television series “Blue Bloods” has completed a journey of ten seasons and two hundred and eleven episodes.

The series shows the Reagans, an Irish Catholic family who has a history of work in law enforcement. Each member of the family represents different aspects of police work and law interlinked occasionally.

5. Forever

Created by Matt Miller, Forever is the fantasy crime series of 2014 that received huge acclaim in France and Spain.

It centers on how the police department of New York takes the help of immortal New York City medical examiner Dr. Henry Morgan in solving crime cases of the city.

4. The Royals

Watch online and download the four seasons and forty episodes journey of “The Royals” on Amazon Prime Video. The top-rated series show the royal family which gets disturbed by the heir of the throne sudden death.

The younger member of the family faces various problems with their new position while the queen tries to secure her grasp on the throne.

3. Psych

Detective comedy television series “Psych” is created by Steve Franks. The eight season series shows a young crime officer of Barbara Police Department who with his heightened observation skills and impressive eidetic memory convinces people that he solves the cases with psychic abilities.

The top-rated show is available on your favorite streaming giant Amazon Prime Video to watch online and download.

2. You are wanted

Amazon Prime foreign language web series “You are wanted” is an interesting drama created by Hanno Hackfort, Bob Konrad and Richard Kropf.

The series shows a Berlin hotel manager, Lukas Franke who gets trapped in a cyber-attack and online data is manipulated to prove him a member of the terrorist activist group. He tries to take help from friends but they also begin to doubt him, then he finds other hacking victim and both try to find the truth. On the other hand, the police are also investigating the case.

1. Patriot

Amazon Prime Video top-rated dark comedy television series “Patriot” is created by Steven Conrad. The series shows the complicated life of an Intelligence officer, who assigns the latest assignment to prevent Iran from going Nuclear.

The interesting and popular web series complete a journey of two seasons and eighteen episodes till November 9, 2018.


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