Horror is timeless, no one gets bored of it. People since a long time ago have been enjoying telling tales about monsters, ghosts and beast.

if you are a horror fan then let me tell you about best Netflix horror movies. There is long list for the horror movies on Netflix but I’ll only tell you about the best Netflix horror movies.

Apostle (2018)

One of the best Netflix horror movies is Apostle!

The story goes back in London, 1905.

Thomas Richardson has returned home, oto find out that his sister has been held by religious cult for ransom.

Thomas decided to get his sister back at any cost so he travels to the idyllic island where the cult lives. Surprisingly he is about to uncovers a secret more evil than he could have imagined. The Movie rank according to IMDb is 6.3/10. It’s definitely worth watching as the plot is very interesting to follow.

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Another movie that is from the best Netflix horror movies is “bird box”

Bird box (2018)

If you see it, you die.

A mysterious force attacks people and one thing that they are sure about that seeing the entity will kill them.

A woman and her children searching for hope to survive go on a dangerous journey to find a safe place that may offer sanctuary. But in order to go this journey they’ll go blindfolded to avoid the evil that chases them.

I’ve liked the plot a lot, it was thrilling and i had so much watching this horror movie

The story is unique and the movie rate is 6.6/10 according to IMDb. That’s my it’s on my list of best Netflix horror movies.

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Now let’s get to the other movies on the list.

Malevolent (2018)

They kept lying until they faced the real deal.

A brother and sister team that fakes paranormal encounters to get cash had to take a job in an estate.

What they didn’t know is that they are about to face a real paranormal activity.

The movie was rated on imdb 4.8/10 but it was cool to watch and not the bad to be fair. Still it’s definitely on my best Netflix horror movies list. Getting back to 2016, there is actually two movies that are worth watching on Netflix.

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That’s why i added “Hush” and “before i wake” on my best Netflix horror movies list.

Hush (2016)

The movie is about a deaf writer who decided to a solitary life in the woods. But suddenly she found herself fighting for her life in silence when a masked killer appears in her window.

The movie got a high rating in IMDb 6.6/10. The name of this movie is pretty attractive and really suits the plot.

Let’s go and talk about the next and last movie on the best Netflix good scary movies on the list.

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Before I wake (2016)

I love that movie! Very interesting to watch.

The last movie on the best Netflix horror movies list is about Foster parents who welcome 8-year-old boy into their home. The boy is terrified to fall asleep, but the parents assume it’s something natural fear for any child. But The couple didn’t know that the boy’s can magically become real but so can his nightmares.

Awesome plot to watch and it even got a high rank on IMDb 6.2/10. If you have a horror list then share it with us and let us know about it.

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