The best websites to watch movies free are a great way to enjoy watching movies without wasting money on buying premiums for various platforms.

We all know it is pricey to subscribe to Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. However that also does not mean we will not watch the movies that release on these platforms. Today, most of the latest movie releases exclusively release on paid platforms, especially Netflix, Disney plus Hotstar or Amazon Prime. There are also many original movies, drama series and many other shows that only stream on the paid streaming platforms.

Paying subscription fees of these platforms every month can be a little burdensome. And sometimes even if we can afford to pay subscription of any streaming, it does mean we will still not be able to watch movies from the other sites. So should one not watch movies at all to avoid paying all these subscription fees? The simple answer is no!

There are many great websites to watch movies free. Many legal free streaming sites are available today that bring together all the contents from different streaming platforms. You can easily watch your favorite movies, drama, movie shows or the latest releases in such websites without having to pay a single penny.

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In this blog, we have listed down the top 5 websites where you can watch movies for free so that you can save your subscription money and instead use it for buying popcorns and other snacks to savor while watching the free movies. The 5 best websites to watch movies free are:


Moviesjoy is one of the top sites in our list of websites to watch movies free. Almost any movie you can think of may be seen or downloaded with the free service MoviesJoy. This free movie site has them all updated everyday for you to binge watch, from thriller to comedy and history.


You do not have to pay a single penny to watch free movies online or download Movies in hd on MoviesJoy. Although there is no cost charged for watching movies on Moviesjoy, this platform also offers several premium services to customers, much like those found with paid subscriptions on other websites.

However, this does not hamper your free streaming in any way. You could watch as many films as you want without being bothered by adverts or commercials, which is one of the most useful features of Moviesjoy, one of the top websites to watch movies free. You can start watching free movies online on Moviesjoy here.

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Music HQ

Contrary to what its name might imply, Music HQ is not a website that streams music. It is one of those websites to watch movies free with strong features like powerful search engine, a Night Mode, etc. You can find all the latest movies and shows on this free movie site.

Music HQ

The best thing about Music HQ is that there are only sporadic banner ads rather than pop-up advertisements. All things considered, Music HQ stands out among other websites to watch movies free because it gives a fantastic user experience. So, if you are looking for a user friendly free website to watch movies with no pop up ads, you should go to Music HQ.

Tiny Zone

Tiny Zone is one of the well-liked websites to watch movies free. It has a vast library of both films and television shows and is simple to explore. Its advertisements are also not too overpowering either.

Tiny Zone

The quick loading times and minimal to no buffering, even on sluggish connections are some of the features that makes Tiny Zone one of the finest sites to watch free movies online. Just be aware that they may be breaking the law in the country you are streaming from since they operate without distribution rights for the content they offer. You can watch free movies online on Tiny Zone here.

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Another excellent site in the lists of best 5 websites to watch movies free is StreamLord. The most recent movies and TV shows are available as high-quality streams on this free movie website. Although this website does not sort films by genre or year of release, it is quite simple to use and you may find the movie of your choice easily.


The absence of advertisements is StreamLord’s greatest asset and the feature that makes it one of the best sites to watch free movies online. Even is you do not having a free account, you will not be seeing any advertisement while using the service. After arriving at StreamLord, you will be able to view the movie of your choosing with just a few clicks. You can start free streaming on StreamLord here.

Movies Found Online
Movies Found Online- watch free movies online

Movies Found Online is the last one in our list of free movie streaming sites. This free site contains a respectable collection of free movies, including both more recent indie films and vintage cult favorites. Even animated documentaries, stand-up comedy, short films, and TV shows are available on the website.

Along with having great content, Movies Found Online is also user friendly which adds to its charms as a free streaming site. However, you may find many ads on this site. You can start streaming on Movies Found Online here.