The amazon prime new releases of November are enough to keep you busy this holiday season.

The rings of power- amazon prime new releases

Holiday season is here and now that we all have a lot of free times on our hands, binge watching the hottest amazon prime new releases is a must! The month of November is almost over. And many great movies and shows released this month.

With hundreds of movies and shows coming out every now and then, you must be confused which movie to watch. We all have been through the frustration of wanting to binge watch something new but you find nothing to watch even among those thousands of movies.

We all have spent hours trying to find the perfect show or best movies on amazon prime to start watching. So, to make sure you do not spend your precious movie time, we have listed below some of the top amazon prime new releases of November for you:

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The Peripheral

The plot of this amazon prime new releases revolves around the story of gamer Flynne Fisher. She learns that she has a hidden connection to an other reality and a bleak future of her own in this futuristic story. This story is set in a period when technology has gradually changed society.
This series features time travelling, AI and futuristic gaming features. The Peripheral is one of the best amazon prime new releases to watch for sci-i lovers. You can watch it here.

The People We Hate at Wedding- Hottest Amazon Prime New Releases

The People We Hate at the Wedding is an American comedy film which is one of the best movies on Amazon Prime right now. It is based on the novel written by Grant Ginder of the same name.
Claire Scanlon is the director of the movie. The Molyneux sisters wrote the screenplay for the American comedy film.

The storyline of The People We Hate at the Wedding follows the life of two siblings. Alice and Paul are two struggling American siblings. They reluctantly agree to accompany their mother Donna to the wedding of their affluent, alienated half-sister, Eloise which is set to happen in the countryside.

However, as the name of the movie suggests, this wedding celebration is not set to be a success. As tensions start building up among the family members. And family dramas can be fun to watch( as long as we are the not the one whose family is being talked about). So, you can expect a lot of laughter while watching this new one in the list of one of the best amazon prime new releases.

You can watch The People We Hate at Wedding here.

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The Northman- One of the leading amazon prime new releases

The Northman is one of the best movies on amazon prime to watch right now. It is an American historical action film. Robert Eggers is the director of the epic historical movie.

This movie on the list of Amazon Prime new releases is based on the Amleth mythology. Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgrd are the stars of the new film. Alexander Skarsgrd is also the producer of the 2022 film.

The plot of The Northman is revolves around the story of Amleth. Amleth is a Viking prince who serves as the protagonist of the story. The Viking prince embarks on a mission to revenge the death of his father in this historical thriller movie.

Norse mythology has a significant influence on the movie, The Northman. You can watch it on Amazon Prime.

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The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

The Rings of Power is the prequel to the two films, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. For the first time, you will be able to witness the great tales of Middle earth’s Second Age. This epic drama transports viewers to a time when great empires were formed, empires rose to grandeur and fell to ruins.
It was during this time when great powers were formed. It tells the story of the formation of 19 rings by the Elves.

You can watch the series on Amazon Prime.

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The Little Hours

The Little Hours is yet another amazon prime new releases you should add to your wishlist. This movie will get you rolling on the floor laughing.
The Little Hours is an American black comedy movie. It is set in the medieval times. Jeff Baena is the writer as well as the director of the comedy film.
This movie on the list of best movies on amazon prime is based on the first two stories of the third day of The Decameron, a collection of novels of 14th Century.

The story of the little hours revolves around the lives of 3 nuns living in a convent in the country who attempt to have sex with a young gardener who poses as a deaf-mute in order to avoid getting disciplined by his lord for having an affair with the man’s wife.
The Little Hours’ cast includes Aubrey Plaza, Dave Franco, Kate Micucci, and Alison Brie, among others. You can watch the little hours on Amazon Prime.

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