Are you looking for comedy movies on Netflix that gets your rolling on the floor laughing?

If you have not laughed out for a while, it means you haven’t been watching comedy movies on Netflix. There are tons of comedy movies out there. And Netflix has the best collection of comedy movies that will make you roll on the floor laughing.

Catfight- One of the best comedy movies on Netflix

The Adam Project

The Adam Project is a science fiction action comedy-drama movie from 2022. It features superstar Ryan Reynolds, Walker Scobell, Mark Ruffalo and Zoe Sadana. It is one of the best comedy movies on Netflix right now!
The story pf The Adam Project revolves around pilot Adam from the future, who travels across time and meets his youthful self. The plot of the sci-fi movie with time travel and stuff might sound serious to you. However, the time traveler in this comedy movies on Netflix is witty!
You must watch The Adam Project on Netflix to see how the quick witted pilot saves the world along with his younger self.

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Thunder Force

Thunder Force is a superhero comedy movie featuring Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer. It is a 2021 film and is one of the worth watching comedy movies on Netflix. Thunder Force was directed and written by Ben Falcone.
The story of this hilarious comedy movie centers around the story two longtime friends Lydia and Emily. This duo creates a means of turning into superheroes in a society where criminals have acquired superpowers.

A cosmic ray hits the Earth which ends up giving powers to sociopaths. Childhood friends Lydia and Emily come together and to fight these ill intent people with powers. Sounds serious right? However, the things are not as serious as it sounds in this film on the list of best comedy movies on Netflix.

Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are the comic duos we never wished for but, they are surely the ones we needed! Watch Thunder Force on Netflix to see how the superhero team kills the villains with their superpowers and us with laughter.

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Always Be My Maybe

Always Be My Maybe is a romantic comedy movie made in America. It is one of the best comedy movies on Netflix you ought to watch! Ali Wong, Randall Park, and Michael Golamco are the writers of the comedy film.

The plot of Always Be My Maybe tells the story of two immigrants growing up in San Francisco. Sasha & Marcus were great friends and neighbors when they were youngsters. Sasha, a latchkey child, regularly stayed out at Marcus’ house where she observed his mother cooking. Their friendship developed into romance, but a move to advance it was unsuccessful due to one embarrassing physical encounter.

Sasha becomes a well-known celebrity chef after 15 years, while Marcus is a bar musician. Fate brings both together when Sasha breaks up with her boyfriend. That’s when Marcus realizes that he still has feelings for Sasha. But..! Sasha is already dating the superstar and heartthrob, ” KEANU REEVES”.

Between all these stories of Sasha and Marcus, you will find a lot of laughter. So, if you are looking for good comedy movies on Netflix to watch this weekend, add this one to your wishlist! You can watch Always be Maybe here.


What can be more fun and comical then two girls fighting? Catfight is one of the best comedy films on Netflix you just can’t miss!

The plot of Catfight follows the life of two friends who were close ended up in totally different realms of life years later. After parting ways in college, Ashley stayed loyal to her artistic endeavors and moral compass. And because of this, she is currently fairly broke.

On the other hand, Veronica marries a wealthy businessman. So, now she is a rich and bored woman who likes to spend her day sipping wine to get rid of her boredom.

Years later, the two try to get back together at a cocktail party. However, this meeting between two old friends does not go really well for them. Too much time has passed and too many grudges have cooked in their lives. The two college friends, Ashley and Veronica eventually come to terrible blows, and the outcomes are really hilarious. Trust me, you would not want to miss this catfight! Watch Catfight on Netflix.

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The Other Guys

The Other Guys is an American  police action comedy film that was written by Chris Henchy and directed by Adam McKay. Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell both appear in it.

Two detectives named Detective Allen “Gator” Gamble and Detective Terry Hoitz are the focus of the plot of one of this one on the list of top comedy movies on Netflix.
Detective Terry and Detective Allen both have jobs that requires them to stay stuck on their desks. And since no one likes desk jobs, the two detectives are bored to death as well.

However, their boring lives and boring work takes a turn when they unintentionally come across a large case. You must watch The Other Guys on Netflix to see how the duo detectives shine while solving the case and bring laughter to you.

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