From Games of Thrones to Chernobyl, Big Little Lies to Westworld, HBO contains premium quality content. It becomes the home of most beloved television series and iconic shows of all time. From action to comedy, adventure to drama and other genres, HBO is a hub of the epic series and documentaries with handsome and beautiful stars.

Nowadays, like other streaming channels Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Hulu, HBO fans also increase at a rapid rate people around the world. So, if want to stream best TV shows on HBO but confused which is better than check out the list mentioned below.

Veep (2012-2019)

IMDB Rating: 8.3

This political comedy television series premiered on HBO from April 22, 2012, to May 12, 2019. The series center on Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and her team who try to leave their mark or legacy in front of people without getting involved in the bad political games that are the base of American politics.

Veep series has won various awards and also nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for outstanding comedy series. It is lead actress Julia won a Primetime Emmy Award for consecutive six times.

Barry (2018- Present)

IMDB Rating: 8.3

The best dark comedy TV show of 2018, Barry focus on Barry Blockman, an assassin from the Midwest during his mission in Los Angeles stumbles upon a community of actor-led by Gene, who welcomes him in.

Now the twist in the series arises when Barry has to manage the balance between his dark dangerous assassin work with his acting work with Gene and potential love interest Sally.

Girls (2012-2017)

IMDB Rating: 7.3

HBO TV show “Girls” is created by Lena Dunham and available on online streaming channel Hotstar to watch.  The series focuses on four twenty-something girls’ names as Hannah, a motivational writer; Marnie, an art-gallery; Jessa and Shoshanna. It shows sexual assault, humiliations, and disaster faced by these girls at a young age.

Sharp Objects (2018)

IMDB Rating: 8.2

Created by Marti Noxon, Sharp objects is a mysterious crime series of 2018. It is a story of a reporter (Amy Adams) who sent to a small town Wind Gap, Missouri, to form a report on the two girls murder case. But the things become difficult for her when she faces her face past and her callous Mother (Adora).

Insecure (2016- Present)

IMDB Rating: 7.8

Partly based on Issa Rae’s acclaimed web series “Awkward Black Girl”, Insecure is an interesting comedy series available on Hotstar. Its fourth season will back in 2020.

The most-watched relationship drama shows Issa, her best friend Molly and their other friend’s career, relationship, social and racial issues that serious affects their lives. The series also shows the romantic relationship between Issa and her boyfriend Lawrence.

Silicon Valley (2014- Present)

IMDB Rating: 8.5

HBO comedy series of 2014, Silicon Valley series shows the struggle of a Silicon Valley engineer named Richard Hendricks who tries to develop his own company with the name “Pied Piper”. Silicon Valley has a great cast of characters including Thomas Middleditch, T.J. Miller, Josh Brener, and others.

The Sopranos (1999-2007)

IMDB Rating: 9.2

The most-watched HBO show of the 90s, The Sopranos shows the story of Tony Soprano, New Jersey mob boss, mentally affected by the pressure of his personal and professional life that led him to seek professional psychiatric counseling.

Created by David Chase, this top-rated and well –written series has completed six seasons and 86 episodes.

The Wire (2002- 2008)

IMDB Rating: 9.3

The smartest and best HBO show “The Wire” explores various institutions within Baltimore, Maryland. Its various seasons focus on the illegal drug trade, the local government, the education, and others.

It has various regular complex plots starring Dominic West, Lance Reddick, Michael Kenneth Williams, and several others.

True Detective (2014- Present)

IMDB Rating: 9.0

Created by Nic Pizzolatto, True detective is a crime-mystery drama that shows anthology set of series. Its season one centers on detective Marty Hart and Rust Cohle. It shows the murder of a sex worker in 1995 along with other several other crimes, 17 years later.

Patrick Melrose (2018)

IMDB Rating: 8.2

The most-watched show is based on semi-autobiographical novels by Edward St Aubyn. The series set in the 1980s. The black comedy show rich Englishman Patrick Melrose who try to overcome addictions and demons rooted in abuse by his brutal father and not so caring mother.

The star cast of the series includes Benedict Cumberbatch, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Hugo weaving and other Hollywood personalities.

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Last Update: August 9, 2019