Do you want to explore into the space? Sci fi games can take you into the space!

Kerbal Space Program- one of the best sci fi games

Thousands and thousands of games release every year. There are many games that let players embark on adventures in the wide and unknown. There are some great Sci fi games that can let you explore the amazing environment of space while sitting at home or a pc cafes.

Space games are an amazing genre of games that has captivated the likings of many gamers these days. Space has always been something that we cannot explore easily. But this is no more the case today. With many great sci fi games releasing every now and then, games that take you into the space can give you a great tour of the cosmos!

If you are a gamer and also a space lover, this post is exactly for you! We have listed down some of the best sci fi games that will allow you to go into adventures in the wide marvelous space. Given below are the top 5 space games for you:

Best Sci fi games

Kerbal Space Program- One of the best space games out there for cosmos lovers

Kerbal Space Program is a sandbox simulation game that allows gamers to explore at their own speed. In this game on the list of top sci fi games,  Players take charge of an alien race called Kerbals that want to explore space through a space program.

Once in space, you are free to explore the magnificent solar system that the Kerbals call home. You can also discover a variety of stars and moons that may also be landed upon and explored further. You can also create a Kerbal space team in this amazing simulation space games and build your own ideal ship for your journey across the space in Kerbal Space Program.


The adventure-puzzle video game Observation was created by the Scottish studio No Code and released by Devolver Digital. It was launched in 2019 for a small number of platforms and added to Microsoft Xbox the previous year.
Observation is one of the unusual space games available, where you take on the role of the AI and try to assist an astronaut who is experiencing a terrible issue on a future space station.
You will be taking the control of a space station AI S.A.M. to help recover from the unexpected, unexplained death of its crew in this thriller sci fi games.

Observation allows you to view the space from a different lens. As you work through each challenge and advance this intriguing storyline, you will be left wondering what is happening. The compelling story and the unfamiliarity of the environment makes Observation one of the best sci fi games that takes you to explore the marvels of the space.

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Eve Online

Eve is one of the biggest and best free Multiplayer space games out there. It offers a wide range of activities that will keep players interested in exploring the distant reaches of space.

In addition to offering a wide choice of occupations, EVE Online asserts that there are approximately 7800 systems available for gamers to explore. You can also find a large selection of ships with which you can go on space adventures. You  will not grow bored with the space adventures or the people they meet along the way. This is because there are so many amazing places to discover in this game. Eve Online is definitely one of the best sci fi games that let’s players explore the space and go on various adventures in the cosmos!

Space Engineers

Space Engineers is one of those perfect space games for the gamers out there who like to build something o their own. Those who are curious about building spaceships and enjoy setting goals for themselves to construct the most impressive spacecraft will have a blast playing this gem in the list of the best sci fi games. On a randomly chosen planet, you must gather resources in order to survive as a player of the game. The real fun of the game starts when you have enough to build their very own spacecraft, which will happen eventually. The ability to travel through space will allow for even more exploration as you look for planets with the resources you require or ideal locations for bases.

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No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is one of the best sci-fi  games ever made. This video game has continued to grow ever since it was first released. This game rewards exploration and discovery as players journey from system to system discovering new planets, creatures, and plants in each biome.

No Man’s Sky places a strong emphasis on learning as gamers gradually learn the alien languages they encounter in order to communicate with them more effectively. The players of this loved game in the list of top space games are also supposed to develop their persona. You will be lending a help to several other groups in order to develop yourself and turn into a remarkable space explorer.

No Man’s Sky is definitely one of the best sci fi games you should play if you like adventure, spaces and love to grow while facing challenges in the game world.

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