There is no doubt that there is a lot of singers with great potentials are appearing across the social media.

YouTube is the biggest platform for these singers.

Today I’m going to share with you top singers on YouTube who are also considered as Internet celebrities.

Top YouTube singers

Sam Tsui

YouTube singer Sam Tsui

Sam Tsui is an American singer and song writes whose fame rose over the past years on YouTube.

Sam has over than three million subscribers on YouTube.

The 30-year-old singer is considered one of the top internet celebrities because of his cover for many singers like Adele, Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars.

That’s is not the only reason for his popularity, He made also Medleys and Mashups.

A lot of Singers co-work with him like Madilyn Bailey and Shannon K.

You can follow his news, tours schedule and new songs on Sam Tsui official website

Madilyn Bailey

YouTube singer Madilyn Bailey

The 27-year-old singer Madilyn Bailey is an American singer who is well known because of her talent.

Madilyn is a singer and song writer.

She can cover different types of songs even Sia’s hardest songs.

Madilyn started her career and her own channel on YouTube after graduation and she has over than 6.1 million subscribers.


YouTube singer Faouzia

She is an up-coming singer on YouTube.

The Moroccan-Canadian Singer and song writer Faouzia is a YouTube singer and now is one of the top internet celebrities.

Although she still doesn’t have a huge number of subscribers but I can predict that she will have more in the near future.

Currently she has over than 140 thousand subscribers.

Her most viewed song on YouTube is this mountain.

You should Try listening to her Powerful sensual voice.


YouTube singer Cimorelli

Cimoralii is a girls’ band made of six talented sisters from California.

The six girls are Christina, Katherine, Dani, Amy, Lisa, and Lauren .

They have start was in 2007.

The sisters gained Fame from the covers they made which was quite unique as Bad Blood and see you again.

Later their popularity rose on YouTube with them singing their own original songs like you are worth it.

Right now they are have more than 4.8 million subscribers on YouTube.

Davina Michelle

YouTube singer Davina Michelle

Davina is new as YouTube singer, he career started on 2017 but she is now one of the top internet celebrities.

The 24-year-old singer was able to impress Pink with her cover for What about us.

Pink praised her voice and even said that now she know how she should sing that song.

Her fame is rising really quickly and now she has more than 621 thousand subscribers but I can tell than she will soon have more than one million.

Romy Wave

YouTube singer Romy Wave

Another rising Talented Star on YouTube.

Romy Wave is one of the talented rising starts on YouTube.

Her calm angelic voice is really something !

Her subscribers is over than 370 thousand.

Right now She doesn’t have a lot of subscribers but sure she will get more as she keeps impressing us with her ability to sing different songs.

Jasmine Thompson 

YouTube singer Jasmine Thompson

The 19-year-old singer Jasmine Thompson is one of the top internet celebrities specially on YouTube.

She started her career as a cover sing on YouTube on 2013 and have been singing till now.

Her subscribers are over 3.3 million

Conor Maynard

YouTube singer Conor Maynard

Conor the English singer and song writer is one of the most popular singers on YouTube.

The singer has more than ten million subscriber!!!

Conor Maynard subscribers are even more than his brother Jack and sister Anna.

For sure he has what it need to be a great singer and with his hard work he is now on the top of internet celebrities.

You should follow him on YouTube.