Out of many action series of 2019, one that makes its place in everyone’s hearts is Treadstone. The original USA Network series is an interesting concept that makes its way on to the screen with far more vim and purposes that one would expect.

A spin-off of the Bourne film series, based on spy novels by Robert Ludlum, the show begins in early 70s East Berlin and explores the origin story and present-day actions of a fictional CIA black-ops program known as Operation Treadstone. It is a notorious program that didn’t just stop at Bourne but it has made a bunch of sleeper agents who are living in different parts of the globe, unknown about the fact that they all having highly developed fighting and killing skills and the series show someone is mysteriously awakened them to resume their deadly missions.

The solid and compelling action scenes take you to the roller-coaster ride full of twists and turns that you never watched before. There are many more interesting things that you understand by reading the details mentioned below and watch online and download it.

Treadstone Season One: Episodes List

Tim Kring created the first season of Treadstone, ten episodes long, which are explained below, along with viewing details.

Episode1: The Cicada Protocol

The first episode shows two stories, one which set in 1973 Berlin and focuses on CIA operative John, who escape the Soviet behavior modification program name Cicada. Second, set in present-day London and show North Korean general who tells a journalist that the Cicadas program is activated.

Episode2: The Kwon Conspiracy

Alex Graves directed episode again show two times, one in which Bentley return to CIA’s Berlin station and second in which Kwon’s daughter in Paris, is pursued by North Korean Agents.

Episode3: The Berlin Proposal

The third episode show Bentley, who is searching for answers. While Edward meets a suspected asset and Soyun is tasked to find evidence against her husband’s commanding officer.

Episode4: The Kentucky Contract

The top-rated series fourth episode shows Samantha McKenna who told Doug that she was a medical officer for Treadstone.

Episode5: The Bentley Lament

The fifth episode of the 2019 series shows Bentley who discovers the truth and Doug goes on a dangerous mission.

Episode6: The Hades Awakening

The Hades Awakening episode show, Bentley who finds himself in an underground hippie joint in Budapest.

Episode7: The Paradox Andropov

The seventh episode shows Petra, who as a part of her scheme, appears to help Bentley evade KGB forces.

Episode8: The McKenna Erasure

In an attempt to save the targeted man, Doug manages to kill the asset sent to carry out the order and takes over his identity to pursue the truth.

Episode9: The Seoul Asylum

Petra is hinted to staged his escape while Doug preps for a mission. Soyun makes a deal with the CIA to assassinate Colonel Shin.

Episode10: The Cicada

In the final episode of the series, the treadstone with the help of Becker’s manages to secure the nuclear warhead.

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Where you can watch this all-new action series?

The interesting action series is a USA Network original series, so you can watch it from there. If you have Amazon Prime Video subscription, then you also watch online and download this series from there.

Treadstone Season One: Trailer


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