Nature, the environment, trees, and other entanglements are important parts of human lives.

Trees that provide almost every important thing to survive on this planet such as food, fresh air, and water, are decreasing day by day and we greedy humans are behind all this mess.

Thousands of movies and TV series are produced every year related to different topics and genres. But nature is a topic that requires lots of patience and mind to make a beautiful movie or documentary about it.

December, the closing month of 2023 has brought a magical new documentary “Trees, and Other Entanglements” for its nature streaming lovers.

This new documentary has various surprising elements and awesome scenery views that you never imagined or thought of.

So, to know about this new documentary in detail, check the blog below.

Trees, and other entanglements: Plot

The documentary is an eye-catching artwork made by the eyes of famous Oscar-nominated Portland-based filmmaker Irene Taylor.

The story of her work shows the connection of trees and humans with time. It touches on various points that connect both of them.

At one level, the story shows a photographer who is observing trees and searching for venerable Joshua trees, an Oregon-based American Bonsai, a Canadian tree planter and reforestation advocate, a mother fighting to save plants in her backyard, family trees and uprooted trees, a man who steadfastly plants them.

It also shows an incident when lumber company mogul George Weyerhaeuser was kidnapped from Tacoma Street in 1935 and hid in the woods. His parents paid a ransom amount of $200, 000 for releasing him.

The author shows the environment-loving people who fight to protect the clear-cutting. It shows how humans and trees adapt to the passage of time and their connection is honest and sensitive.

Like her previous works, this time also Taylor brings a different and worthwhile watch content. It has never been streamed on any OTT platform before.

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Where to watch this new documentary?

Trees, and other entanglements documentary is available to watch on streaming channel HBO Max from December 12, 2023, Tuesday at 10 PM.

So, if you have an HBO Max subscription then start streaming the series now. If not, then purchase it at easily affordable prices.

Its ultimate plan with ad-free 4K support costs $20 per month. Its ad-free HD streaming costs $16 per month and ad-supported HD streaming costs $10 per month.

Portland people can also watch the movie at the Portland Art Museum PAM/Cut Tomorrow theatre on December 14, 2023, Thursday. The ticket for the documentary is $15 and it will start at 7:00 PM.

Who are the star members of this new 2023 documentary?

The famous Peabody Award winner and Oscar and Emmy nominated filmmaker Irene Taylor has directed a 110-minute documentary with her awesome cast.

Taylor is popular for various movies such as The Final Inch, Hear and Now, Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in Three Movements, and other criminal and environment movies.

Her team includes 12 producers and 14 cast members such as Dirk Brinkman, Gilead Redd Taylor Brodsky, Carolyn Finney, Matthew Furuzawa, Richard Furuzawa, Scarlet Gore, Aarian Packard, Ryan Neil, Beth Moon, and others.

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