With our best mailing technology, we can now easily send single information to more than recipients through a single click. There are many more new technologies and changes Yahoo mail, Gmail and other mailing services come up every day and in this blog, we mention easier steps of creating distributing E-mails by creating a mailing list in Yahoo mail.

Steps for creating a mailing list in Yahoo mail

For Group Mailing

Step 1: Choose contacts at the top right of the Yahoo Mail’s navigation bar

Contacts in yahoo mail

Step 2: Choose lists

Step 3: Below lists you see a create list icon, select it

Step 4: Give a proper name to the list

Contacts in yahoo mail list

Step 5: Here, you can either add contacts in the Add content field or choose to save. For this tutorial, save has been opted.

Steps to add members in Yahoo Mail List

Step 1: Chose Contacts on the Right side

Step 2: Choose Lists

Step 3: Choose Edit option; appear next to your just created list

edit Contacts in yahoo mail

Step 4: Enter contacts in the Add contacts field by either selecting their name or E-mail addresses. Choose the name that appears to add.

add Contacts in yahoo mail list

Step 5: Follow the previous steps again and again until you get all the names or email addresses you want

Step 6: Choose Save to save your new list

Steps to send mail from created Yahoo Mail list

Now following the above steps, a mailing list is created in Yahoo Mail; you can now easily use it

Send yahoo mail to contact list

Step 1: Choose the Compose option appears in the top left of the Yahoo Mail website

Step 2: Start adding names from the newly created mailing list, in the “To or BCC/ CC fields”. When you start entering the names pop up appears, choose it when it does.

Step 3: Now compose a new mail and type the name of your new list. Once you do this, you see a pop-up, choose it and then compose your mail and send it.

Benefits of Yahoo mailing lists are

  • Multiple lists can be prepared as per the requirement
  • Easy to use
  • Reduce Efforts
  • Save time
  • Emailing to multiple people is easier and faster

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